Nawoj Honours Hon Ngozi Obiefule

NAWOJ Honors Chief Ngozi Obiefule.
….. Encourages Her To Pick Principal Position
   By Stevenie Michaels
The National Association of Women Journalist, NAWOJ on Tuesday paid Rt. Hon. Chief Mrs Ngozi Obiefule a courtesy visit to honor and spur her to run for a principal position in the 9th Assembly. 

It was a clarion call from women in different media groups to Rt. Hon. Ngozi Obiefule, describing her as the most outstanding, accessible and proactive legislator in the 8th Assembly.

Judging from her excellent performance they deem it fit to motivate and draw support for her to aspire for a principal position to balance the gender equality in the next administration.

Rt. Hon. Chief Mrs Ngozi in response thanked them for finding her worthy to run for key positions in the in coming 9th Assembly and insisted in the equity of the three zones in consideration of gender equality .

She also promised to work with them in promoting women in politics.