Heartland Junior Team Players Face Eviction Over Unpaid Salaries


Heartland FC, Owerri, already embroiled in a relegation battle and internal strife, faces yet another setback as the junior team, Heartland Comets FC, grapples with the threat of eviction from their camp due to unpaid rents.

The dire situation was brought to light by the camp owner, Mr. Sunny Opara-Ekeocha, who voiced his concerns to sports writers in Owerri, regarding the prolonged delay in rent payments accumulated by Heartland FC players.

According to him, despite utilizing the accommodation for over six months, the team has failed to fulfill their financial obligation.

Opara-Ekeocha highlighted the financial strain caused by the non-payment of rents, especially considering his efforts to ensure the camp’s comfort for the players.

“It has been a disturbing situation because they have continuously failed to keep to the agreement between me and them, even when I have put in a lot of money to get the camp comfortable for the players,” he lamented.

With no resolution in sight and a lack of clarity on how the outstanding bills will be settled, Mr. Opara-Ekeocha says he is compelled to take drastic action by initiating the eviction process.

The timing of the eviction couldn’t be worse for Heartland FC, as the junior team gears up to kick off their season in the 2024 Imo State Federation Cup.