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WEEK 2 – NOV. 2017









INTRO: Welcome to yet another great and edifying series, if you have been following me in this column I believe without any doubt that the Holy Spirit via this piece have been doing a serious work in your life and that you are already become a different person from whom you use to be, am excited you are my friend. Still on the Phase two of a man’s life and still looking at some very crucial tips to succeed in the above mentioned phase:

  1. WORK IN THOSE AREAS YOUR FATHER FAILED, in this point you must push sentiments aside if you must get result, here you are to take time to trace the reasons your father failed in certain areas of life, oh yes, if he did not fail you won’t be where you are today, understand that history has a way of repeating itself in the present if not dealt with, discover his mistakes, the places he played ignorant and lost opportunities by either hearing stories directly from him or if he is late, your mother or anyone who is close to the family can tell you one or two things about your parents; now watch those mistakes, weaknesses, failures etc so that it does not reoccur again in your life and destiny, so that you can move further and achieve morethan them in life and destiny. Always remember, if you do not move atleast a step further from where your father stopped, you have failed e.g your father did not go beyond primary school in his days, and you too stopped at primary 6, you have failed. When your father tell you stories like, do you know I was part of the pioneer staff of perhaps one of todays international company, a company that is today known worldwide, making so much waves and the people who started with them are not only major shareholders but have succeeded in making their children shareholders or even place them in enviable position in same company by reason of merit or compensation while your father is busy with stories like oh I had to leave them far back because they were not paying well or oh the owner was too arrogant, talks to his workers anyhow, oh they use their workers too much, now this should quickly send a signal to you that he had a weakness of impatience, easily tempered or is arrogant too, if any of this is true or it is a similar case, ofcourse you should know your biological parents morethan anyone else, then be careful not to tread same path because like I said earlier on satan is vey trickish and would attempt to repeat or replay this movie again and again all in a bid to keep the affected generation at floor level, that is repeating history, therefore be wise. Now see another caution, you grew up and met your father a smoker, I mean a chain smoker or even a drunk and until the time you grew up, he has nothing to show all because all of his resources and brain have been channeled to sticks of cigarettes and bottles of alcohol, he is no better than yesterday, cigarettes and alcohol has turned him into slavery to his mates, he has become a shadow of himself, then you have to consciously keep away from the above as much as you can because such failure may repeat in your life if you tread same path, these and much more are examples. I pray for you young one that you will not tread same path that ended your father in failure in Jesus name, Amen. Sincerely speaking some parents are very lazy, they are not ready to work, all they are concerned about is what will give them food for now now, it then means you have to be strong and get ready to struggle more, infact morethan your father did, see this caution, seriously some actions have been taken for granted in our generation yet such action is a destroyer of great destinies, for instance, your father (or mother) is a cursed womanizer, I mean nothing in skirt/trousers as the case may be passes him/her without a reaction, he/she simply has no control of himself/herself, in his record are rape cases, molestation, sexual abuse etc and now you are in your early age, you are already on the same path, just between 25-30years, you have five(5) kids from different women, hey!! What a misfit and a disappointment. You need to watch it now before such an attitude will land you worst than where it landed your father or predecessors. As a young girl you are never contended with anything, you say yes to every man that comes your way just for money, you want to have all the cloths/shoes in the world and so you can do anything, sleep with anybody, please watch it now.

I believe you are blessed by this piece, we like for you to be our friend, an ardent follower and our partner, I assure you, you will not regret you did. God be with you, I love you with the love of Christ, see you next week. But before I drop my pen, I like to heartily make this clarion call, birds of feathers, they say flocks together; Joyceclin Youths & Singles Clinique have a master whom we’re following, His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the one who died and resurrected on the third day and is now seated on the right side of glory, mediating for you and me; now for Him to bless you and enroll you as part of us, you must accept Him into your life, it’s simple, just say this simple prayers with me and mean it from your heart, say Lord Jesus today I come to you, I accept am a sinner, I believe in my heart that you died for me and on the third day you resurrected, I therefore confess all my sins to you, forgive me and wash me with your blood, erase my name from the book of death and destruction and write my name in the book of life, today I accept you into my life as my personal Lord and Saviour, Jesus come into my life, I receive grace now to walk in the newness of life, thank you Lord Jesus for saving me, am born again in Jesus name. Amen. If you sincerely made this prayer, Congratulation and Welcome to Joyceclin Youths & Singles Clinique, You are a seed of Abraham in Christ Jesus.

On the 20th of Oct. JYSC Talent Hunt Organisation in Collaboration with Christian Association of Nigeria, Imo State held her 2nd Audition at Bongo centre, it was fulfilling as Actors Guild of Nigeria, Imo State, Nigeria Rescue Missionaries etc threw their weight and Imo Youths turned at in mass as dancers, singers, comedians, writers were auditioned in preparation for the Competition coming up on the 24th Nov. and 1st Dec. 2017. Our first movie is also going to be launched on that day. Training is on going, if are an Imo Youth join us every Thursday in front of Heroes Square. For Sponsorship, Partnership, Teachings, Questions, Enquiry, Prayers/Counselling: Pls call: 07067641686 or 08023417546. You can E-mail us @ or follow us on facebook: JYSC Talent Hunt Organisation. Jesus is Lord over all… Amen.

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