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WEEK 2 – NOV. 2017








INTRO: Welcome to another food for thought series, you are really really priviledged to come across this piece at this time, it means that your time for a change, your time to live a fulfilled life have finally come. In the last week edition we looked at the phase 2 of life and the steps to succeed in this phase.

NOW FOR YOUR PHASE TWO TO BE RESULTFUL (contd): (see last edition for step 1)

(2) GET READY TO WORK, I mean real work; understand that success is never or will never be gotten on a platter of gold, many people wants it the easy way, now hear this, it is written in Prov.14:23 “In all labour there is profit but the talk of the lips tendeth only to poverty”, did you see that, in all labour whether mental labour, spiritual labour, physical labour etc, the holy bible states it clear that in all labour there is profit, just keep doing it, just one day your profiting will show forth for all eyes to see, while you are working hard no one may see you or notice you but once you succeed you cannot hide, I pray for you my dear reader “may your success be seen by all, may you never labour invain in Jesus name”. So understand that success will always respond to your labour, see the b part of that verse above it says but the talk of the lips will lead only to abject poverty, you see idling away your time, wasting your time will only end in poverty, in shame; I then challenge you now get to work, let your hands be on deck always. I saw a scripture that I meditated on for a long time until I caught the rhema; In Psa 1:1-6 in verse 1 it said “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of the sinner nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful..” not the first word “BLESSED”,it then implies that if blessed is the man that does not do the above listed automatically “CURSED” is the man that does them; then if you read the last paragraph of verse 3 it says “and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper”. Do you want to end as a success? Do you want to prosper? Then get to work. Now receive grace to work in Jesus name.


  1. The third thing to do if you must succeed, is that YOU MUST KEEP THE RIGHT COMPANY, if you must keep friends, let them be friends with like mind; otherwise they will distract and make you to lose focus in life and destiny; there’s a popular saying that your friends will either make you or mar you; I say true to that saying; you cannot be targeting to get to Abuja by 4pm from Owerri in Imo State remember you have a target and your friend is heading to Port Harcourt from still Owerri in Imo State and says to you come lets get down to Port Harcourt together and thereafter you continue your journey to Abuja, then out of anything goes you join him, guess what you have just done – (i) You have missed your target (ii)there is every tendency that you will be carried away and you abandon your trip to Abuja for as long as (iii) Your aim of going to Abuja have been defeated (iv) it shows you have no mind of your own (v)you losed out completely from the whole thing etc. Have you also heard this saying “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” – it means that with your friend, I can define you without even having much to do with you closely; you have to be careful of who you call your friend. In this phase, if you must get it right; hear this “birds of feathers, they say flocks together”, you can’t tell me you are not a thief, when your best friend is always caught in such act, my people will say “if you don’t eat rat meat, stop sharing rat meat with your teeth for the eaters”, how come you don’t prostitute, you are not a core girl, yet your bosom friends are notorious and noted harlots and strippers. You say you are not a drug addict, you are not a kidnapper, you are not a cultist, yet you hang around such fellows with questionable characters? Ask yourself why should a sheep be found in the midst of wolves, you stand in the way of sinners and when they ask you, you say he/she is just my friend or we just say hello to each other etc just your friend… just a hello you said? Don’t be a fool because it is written in the holy scripture in 1 Cor. 15:33 “be not deceived, evil communication corrupts good manners”, how can you convince me you are not a wayward when you join friends to pool houses, beer parlours, night clubs, undefined midnight meetings everyday and when you are confronted you say “am just catching fun” you are a fool, a fool who do not know the definition of foolishness, sorry if I have to be a little hard on you to call you to order, then so be it; I prefer you get it right now than ending wrong all through your lifetime. You have to choose your friends do not allow your friends chose you, that is after you have defined yourself because if you do not define yourself first, you may make wrong choices of friends; my dear reader, begin to check your multitude of friends and discard or disconnect from as many as you can for your own good. The book of Prov. 13:20 say “He that walketh with the wise shall be wise but the companion of fools shall be destroyed”, yes it is as serious as that, how can you say you want to succeed, when all your friends are people who talk carelessly, those who are given to vulgar words; have no respect for words, talks without thinking; those who waste all day watching pornography, watching all manner of animalic demonic recorded sexual acts while others are busy with destiny moulding activities, those who spend their time on talking irritating words all in the name of jokes, have you not heard this words of Christ that it is not what enters a man that defiles him but what comes out of his mouth according to Matt 15:11. In Prov. 14:23b that says that “the talk of the lips tends to penury, abject poverty or Prov. 12:14a it says “A man shall be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth,….” Now tell me what type of fruit do you think this fellow will be satisfied with at the end of the day? This is the reason you see some men in their late 40’s still confused and stranded in life and destiny; this shall not be your portion in Jesus name. Amen, if you say Amen to that prayer begin to x-ray your company and as you do that, I speak into your life and destiny that you will not end in shame in Jesus name, may you receive grace now to disconnect from that wrong company in Jesus name, Amen. See Prov. 28:19 and Prov. 12:11.


I believe you are blessed by this piece, we like for you to be our friend, an ardent follower and our partner, I assure you, you will not regret you did. God be with you, I love you with the love of Christ, see you next week. But before I drop my pen, I like to heartily make this clarion call, birds of feathers, they say flocks together; Joyceclin Youths & Singles Clinique have a master whom we’re following, His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the one who died and resurrected on the third day and is now seated on the right side of glory, mediating for you and me; now for Him to bless you and enroll you as part of us, you must accept Him into your life, it’s simple, just say this simple prayers with me and mean it from your heart, say Lord Jesus today I come to you, I accept am a sinner, I believe in my heart that you died for me and on the third day you resurrected, I therefore confess all my sins to you, forgive me and wash me with your blood, erase my name from the book of death and destruction and write my name in the book of life, today I accept you into my life as my personal Lord and Saviour, Jesus come into my life, I receive grace now to walk in the newness of life, thank you Lord Jesus for saving me, am born again in Jesus name. Amen. If you sincerely made this prayer, Congratulation and Welcome to Joyceclin Youths & Singles Clinique, You are a seed of Abraham in Christ Jesus.

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