Late Payment: Imo Accountant General In Trouble



By Okey Alozie

Imo State Accountant General, Mrs Stella Udogu is not having a happy moment following the shock she received from the governor of Imo State Owelle Rochas Okorocha last week for not living up to expectation.

The governor as we learnt blasted the female Accountant General for not releasing the salaries of Imo workers at the stipulated time.

The governor in a meeting with stakeholders of rescue mission government regretted why the Mrs Udogu refused to pay the workers money that have been released.

The governor revealed that he released workers salary on the 15th of April and uptil now workers are still complaining of salaries.

Investigation revealed that the Accountant General has been faulted on financial issue by the governor. Her alleged in-competency in handling financial transaction of the state has now come to alarming rate as concerned citizen of the state and the entire Imo workers have called for her redeployment so that a competent hand will come in.

It is gathered that the governor is now shopping for the replacement of Stella Udogwu. Information revealed that people have started applying for the position of the Imo Accountant General. It could be recalled that the pension matters and other related issues which supposed to be handled by Stella Udogwu were all contracted out because of her alleged incompetency.

Imo retired workers have also added their voice to convince the governor to bring a replacement now.