Owelle APC, Cosmic Karmaic Reward, the Solution, the Way Forward.



Lumenze Michael 070541710917

The political problems in Nigeria, Imo State a case study is a product of self cheat in an attempt to satisfy selfishness and greed.

Life deeds are all linked to the doer with strings that are attached to the doer, thereby creating in truth an inescapable return of reward upon the doer of the act. This bumarang consequence of deeds as retained by the Justice arm of God is what in nature is called Cosmic Karmaic reward. This is not an occultic principle but a clear God’s principle of reward hence Jesus Christ elucidated further this principle when he said “Do not be deceived, God is not a man that is deceived, whatever a man sows that he reaps”. Pastor Bumi, Owelle’s craft priest of victory may stand in a better position if he wants to help Owelle truly interpret better His word of truth by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us trace the gradual growth of deeds that cumulated in those Cosmic Karmaic consequences that have started trailing Owelle probably to a previous rain. Owelle disappointed the Agenda Structure which he used to enter Imo State, he droped them, duped their labour and went into APGA. These disappointed masses who he crossed his heart in oath with are till today raising to the mighty justice of God who from the nemesical altar radiate a restless reward against Owelle APC. consider again the APGA party that helped him and lead him to victory in 2011, he suddenly dropped and dumped and badly said he has destroyed APGA. Finally, today nature is judging in his merciless justice, his acts and deeds in APGA.

Think again of Owelle’s promise to Owerri zone leadership on oath of heart crossing that he will surely handover to one from Owerri zone. Everybody thought that the reality of this oath will be achieved in his very-close-like-a wife Deputy Prince Eze Akonobi Madumere. Today we are witnesses of the trauma both are passing like lovers who betrayed themselves.

Meachuel Ketuel, the teacher wrote “be careful of every swallow of pill of carnal love, for at the tact of it is poison of hate and death” we pray that Prince may not see death at the end of this sudden hate Amen.

Consider the sudden change of attitude to the masses of Imo State who have been disposed of their stores, resource areas, means of living, in the markets, the Keke people whose motors were used for open campaigns, the civil servants who protected the 2011 votes with the church especially the Catholic Church, what of the Pentecostals who then saw in him a messiah and did the fasting and prayer, the market women, the village men, all are today crying unto God against him who is so torturing them. Many, very many have died and the fear is more will be dying in order to maintain and retain this monster power.

The bringing down of markets, widening of roads and building of more roads in rural areas are white elephant projects, which even complex the already resented minds of people. The use of imported artisans to build ordinary gutters will only expose the hatred he has for Imolites.

He has sown hatred among love, disappointment among faithful, cheating among trust, fear and doubt among believers in the Rescue Mission Agenda, and fainting and dying among the aged and youth, that truly the Cosmic Karmic consequences will be grave when it comes.

The origin of Owelle’s problems, started with the falsehood of dropping every one who genuinely worked for his success and believe in house hold cartel.

Let Owelle review those who are singing Owelle today, Ikeduru a case study, he will see they were people who wanted dead in 2011 and 2015. Where are his strength and backbone in Imo State. Was Prince or Nisirim ever his supporter?

The same hatred lingers on hence they only wrongly advise him as if there is no tomorrow.

The end must surely come, the evening approaches, darkness must surely overtake half the day. Whatever a man sows he reaps is a natural justice. Hours still remain for repentance not in blind and obsession pursuit of self and greed for power. Meachuel Ketuel wrote “when a man makes his enemies his watch night, he has opened his doors to sudden death”. Owelle called his enemies to watch his back and they are truly revenging well in negative advises and support.

The solution to these problems are simple. Hence he has nobody to tell him for fear, loss of favour, let the unfavoured tell him the truth.

Let him stop vain data pursuit, to avenge his so called enemies, who were children yesterday, they only rebelled against excess of disappointments and evil deeds against them.

Let him keep to his oath of handing over to our Owerri zone man and that will be achieved in this way, get an APC man, PDP man, and APGA man, probably ADC man let these people come from Owerri zone, let them help for the rainy day.

The way forward for Owelle and APC is this: Imolites are no longer dreamers or optimized human beings. Owelle’s second tenure opened their eyes and they need a man they can trust in this first term. Such a man must be a true Christian, truly pitiful, truly benevolent, seasoned technocrat, originator of ideas, patience, humbly, knowledgeable in administration, faithful to God and keeping every word of promise he has made, committed to quality service delivery, who can re-structure the destroyed civil-service system.

So that permanent secretaries will no longer be in name, a leader that can create job opportunities and establish industries and attract foreign investors in truth. If Imo APC hasn’t men with these qualities, Imolites will seek him in APGA where the likes of Chief Bar Humphery Anumudu are.