Onuoha Dumps APC Over Internal Wrangling . Says DPC Will Emerge Victorious

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By: Tochi Onyeubi

A strong party stalwart of the All Progressives Congress, APC and Aboh Mbaise State constituency House of Assembly hopeful, Hon. Vitalis Chibuzo Onuoha has decamped to the Democratic Peoples Congress over unwarranted imposition and internal wrangling that rocked the party.

Speaking in an interview recently, the vocal politician maintained that he left the APC because of the gross incoherency  and shabby approach with which activities of the party was run, in addition to the widespread disenchantment of the party in Aboh Mbaise  and Imo at large.

He stressed that, remaining in the party which he said was filled with uncouth and uncultured people, would remain a total distraction to his obligation, to the people of Aboh Mbaise.

Hon. Onuoha recalled how he raised the bar of APC in Aboh Mbaise for over twelve months consulting and making the party popular with every resources he could muster, but was disappointed by the twist of event, how a position he fought hard to get was given to another who did nothing for the party, on a platter through what he called “Abuja connection” against the collective wish of the people.

Speaking about the Democratic Peoples Congress, DPC he termed an emerging party, the astute business man maintained that, it is the party to beat, adding that the party has a common interest to win the general elections and sweep all stakes thereby enthroning men of conscience, character and result driven who would mount positions of authority to change the narratives of governance in Imo.

The fearless and dogged politician who stressed that political happenings in Imo was divine stated that, electorates especially Aboh Mbaise, are no longer looking for anointed candidates, but on individuals who has added value to their lives.

“Let me tell you this, time has come for the people of Aboh Mbaise to read every dossier, time has come for the people of Aboh Mbaise to check one’s antecedents, go down memory lane to know who and who has added value to their lives and Aboh Mbaise will read it verbatim through their PVCs on the day of election,” he said.

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