Main favorites of the FA cup this season

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In the FA cup, now is the time for decisive matches. Its worth noting that this season many favorites were kicked out of the tournament at a pretty early stage. In fact, out of the bigteams there were only two teams form Manchester left by the quarterfinals stage. They are the main contenders for winning the cup.

Manchester United way in this tournament is particularly difficult. In the 1/16 of the finals, the squad of Solskjaer played against Arsenal in London. They win confidently 3:1 and got into the next round. Then there was another away fame in the British capital, when the Red Devils played against Chelsea. Ince again the team was able to show their tough nature and skill. As a result, 2:0 at Stamford Bridge in favor of Solskjaers squad.


Now the FA cups games are actually the only tournament that the Red Devils can win at the end of the current season. That is why there is no doubt that they will give their all at 100% in these matches. Among the factors that can help the team win the desired trophy are:

  1. Long bench. Many Mancunians’ players had to leave the tournament due to injuries, but even in such conditions Solskjaers team was able to demonstrate their strong character and achieve a successful result.
  2. High level of performance. Look at Pogba, which, under the guidance of a new coach, is literally flourishing and demonstrates almost the best of his football.
  3. Lack of psychological pressure. It is obvious that now there is a good atmosphere within the team, therefore the club can achieve good results.

Now is the time for the decisive matches, so the team has no right to make mistakes, especially since it is the main contender for dethroning the City in the domestic arena.

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