Reasons Voters in Isu, Njaba, Nkwerre & Nwangele Should Re-elect Rt Hon Ugonna Ozurigbo


As the days for the next general elections draws near, reasons why people should be elected has continued to surface and in this piece, we shall be critically dissecting major facts why constituents of Nkwerre/Isu/Nwangele/Njaba federal constituency should re -elect Rt Hon Ugonna Ozuruigbo “OZB”
The Rt. Honorable Ugonna Ozurigbo (OZB) is a candidate I believe in, and I am not alone.
He has engaged a huge movement of people, young and old across economic, social, religious, gender and age lines.
He has inspired us by standing FOR something, for a future that we all can be a part of, rather than playing the tired game of being better than the alternative.

The voters of Nkwerre/Isu/Nwangele/Njaba have a great candidate that represents them at the Federal House of Representatives with a record of standing on the side of ordinary Imolites and protecting businesses from harmful interests which remains a great contrast to past Representatives. His political base in Nkwerre/Isu/Nwangele/Njaba gives him a strong foundation on which to win absolute majority votes in 2023 elections.

Think-tank, versatile, intelligent and knowledge-driven, OZB took his search for knowledge to different parts of the globe, certifying and specializing in several fields of endeavors that have made him a rounded professional, business guru, administrator and consummate politician of towering repute.

OZB is a strong and independent advocate for economic prosperity, social and political justice.  He has taken the advocacy fight outside of the confines of the hall of Abuja and has been a proven leader in the community. His issue based profile and record of standing up for Imolites on issues that directly affect their lives offers him a perfect platform to position his candidacy as a business and consumer advocate standing up for ordinary Imolites at a time when most voters see politicians, even ones they voted for, as only interested in themselves.

The Right Honorable OZB is a committed community leader. His work in the Federal Assembly on key progressive issues aligns well with the issues priorities of his supportive audience and target voters. He’s legislation addressing families facing difficulties of losing their jobs and businesses, youth unemployment and the COVID-19 that killed many families, victims of kidnapping and domestic violence and promoting a living wage for pensioners, retirees, small business community, among others, shows that he has the strengths and a record focused on real Imolites. These issues also have political teeth –unlike some generic issues that may sound important, but are more difficult to
address, these problems all show a clear contrast between what’s best for Imolites and what the special interests are fighting for.

Known for his deep sense of justice and fairness, he will continue to fight for working families and has built a reputation for not accepting the status quo when deciding on important and critical issues. Many political insiders like Rt. Honorable Ugonna Ozurigbo because he is savvy and ambitious

OZB has a natural advantage on some fundamental issues, namely providing financial resources to help businesses from folding up, protecting children from sexual predators, building roads, stopping domestic violence, which has worked very well for his constituency.  Rt. Honorable Ugonna Ozurigbo has powerful stories of breaking through and delivering hope for ordinary people.

Chris Odi Osuji
Ozuoha Abajah, Nwangele LGA, Imo State