Iriji Mbaise 2023:  We Stand On Tradition, Fairness, Say Commissioners


By Okey Alozie

Mbaise Ndi Nwemadu:

We, the undersigned, write, first as sons of the Mbaise Nation. We also, by the benevolence of His Excellency, Governor Hope Uzodimma, CON  happen to be Commissioners in the 3R Shared Prosperity Government of His Excellency.

We have watched with frustration as two groups in Mbaise justle for recognition for the purpose of organizing Iriji Mbaise 2023. We assume that both groups mean well in their separate and seemingly divergent efforts. The most important thing that matters with these efforts is the achievement of a peaceful and dignified Iriji  event where Governor Uzodimma, as the First Citizen and Chief Executive Officer of Imo State, attends and is warmly and respectfully received.

In a unified government where appointees are disciplined and professional, it is unthinkable and unacceptable that SOLADS of LGAs would act with disregard and disrespect towards Commissioners and other appointees from their areas. This very attitude is what is tearing the Mbaise nation apart.

It is unfortunate that some of those who, by age and rank, should have counseled unity and mutual respect, have resorted to taking positions that appear induced only by financial gifts from our common patrimony.

As Commissioners in the 3R Shared Prosperity Government of Governor Hope Uzodimma, we want to be on record as working for and seeking a unified event, which we believe would be the preference of our principal.

We salute the courage and success of Oluoha Mbaise General Assembly in organizing the Iriji Mbaise of 2022, to which Governor Hope Uzodimma attended. We appreciate their (Oluoha’s) zeal to participate in the Iriji Mbaise of 2023, and  commend their readiness and openness to have a unified event.

We also want to be on record as supporting the holding of Iriji Mbaise 2023 at its traditional venue of Mbaise Secondary School (MSS) in Aboh Mbaise. We thank the Honourable Commissioner for Education, Professor Nwadike, for granting Ndi Mbaise the permission to hold Iriji Mbaise 2023 at Mbaise Secondary School.

As members of the first line of apostles of the 3R Shared Prosperity Government, we respectfully look forward to our principal and leader, Governor Hope Uzodimma, CON joining us at Mbaise Secondary School on Tuesday, August 15, 2023.


Dr. Ugorji Okechukwu Ugorji, Honourable Commissioner for Homeland Security and Vigilante Affairs (from Aboh Mbaise LGA).

Dr. Anthony Mgbeahurike, Honourable Commissioner for Livestock Development (from Ahiazu Mbaise LGA)

Dr. ELIAS Martins Emedom, Honourable Commissioner for Sanitation And Hygiene. (From Ahiazu Mbaise LGA)