Immortalize Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu’ – Ex Naze Millionaires Urge Imo Govt, Uzodimma  


The association of Ex Iwuanyanwu National world wide has made a passionate appeal to the Imo State government to immortalize their father and grand patron Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu ( Aha Eji Aga mba ndi Igbo), siting the fact that he merited it, The Statesman Newspaper sports desk can exclusively report.

The association which has over 1,800 registered members both at home and in diaspora made this appeal while addressing newsmen in Owerri.

Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu (Aha eji aga mba) is currently the chairman of the recognized Igbo group Ohanaeze ndi Igbo worldwide and was the founder of the defunct Iwuanyanwu National football club now popularly known today as Heartland football club of Owerri.

In a brief throw back, the club which was initially known as Spartans FC couldn’t be funded by the then state government, so they needed an individual who has the financial capabilities to fund the club, Iwuanyanwu was then invited to take over .

Iwuanyanwu took over Spartans fc and named it Iwuanyanwu National FC. Under his watch, the club did great exploits, Iwuanyanwu national dominated the Nigerian league and was a regular guest at the CAF tournaments.

Iwuanyanwu national was a strong force to be reckoned with and was the only club in the Nigerian history ever to represent the nation during international competitions as the Nigerian national team.

Iwuanyanwu national was the pride of Imo state and made the state visible to the world.

But all this wouldn’t have happened without the man at the helm of affairs, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu. Over 4,000 players were in his payrolls and about 2,000 of them where Imo indigenes.

The team had big names like Kanu Nwankwo, Isaac Semitoje, Friday Ekpo, Andrew Use, Sunny Iwuagwu, Chinedu Declan, Blessing Anyanwu, Etim Esin, Emmanuel Okocha, Mobi Oparaku and many more big names.

For this and many more heroic gestures the Ex Iwuanyanwu national group now calls on the state government to immortalize Iwuanyanwu by naming him after one of the stadiums in Imo state.

In an exclusive interview with the statesman newspaper sports desk, the president of the association, Mr Isaac Mbika said;

“We want to beg the government to Immortalize our father and boss Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu (Aha eji aga mba)  as he has been of great help to the state.

We look at the new stadium now called Dan anyiam stadium, We also take a look at the Sam Mbakwe airport, this heroes where named after this places because they merited it.

So we call on the state government to please look in the direction of Iwuanyanwu and also Immortalize him.

We have the Okigwe Stadium, we have the stadium at Orlu and of cause we have the old stadium there too.

As a kid who was born in Lagos and was raised in Lagos, Whenever Iwuanyanwu nationale is mentioned, the first thing that comes to my mind is that he is from Imo state and that thought usually gives me a sense of pride among my peers.

So We seek for government to recognize our father, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu because has not been given the recognition he deserves.

We beg our amiable Governor, His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma to hear us and recognize our father, this will gladden our hearts and the hearts of Imolites.

Imo will never forget this kindness, it will go down in history.” Mbika concluded