Urban politician and member representing Isiala Mbano state constituency, Simeon Uchenna Iwunze is a simple man any day.  The man popularly called “Whiteman” even as he does wear white clothes always is different among his peers.  Despite having what it takes to move around with a retinue of security men, Iwunze has no security aide, not even a Civil Defence or Aguleri boys to guard him.

Also, the lawmaker referred as the SAN of Imo House because of his rich knowledge of House rules does not have a driver, the only person who can move him around is his bosom pal called AFRO.  No wonder Whitmen can move any car around town including a kia picanto said to be that of his only son.  POPULAR SIDE saw Iwunze recently driving a Toyota Corrolla car with IMHA plate number on the ever busy Assumpta Bank road alone without a driver and police orderly unlike other lawmakers who move around with aides.  Maybe the ranking member who gave out the hand of one of his numerous beautiful daughters out last Easter period has Umuneke – Ugiri made Odi Eshi to keep off the eyes of rampaging kidnappers tormenting people in the State.  Others said that the husband of the owner of Dream land Hotel has “aka gum”, he does not want anybody to chop his money.