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On March 1, Friday 2013 at about 10:42 am, anonymous number with a known voice called me and said, “Good morning Professor Nathan, I hope I am speaking to Nathan?” I responded in the affirmative. He continued, “I have read a good number of your articles…” I interjected immediately in equanimity, “May I know who is speaking, he {without stammering} quickly introduced himself as Mr. Chibuoke and was about to continue with his conjugated expressions when I again interjected him; at this point it was with a bit exasperation that I spoke to him, “Samuelson, you are too big for this nonsense, why are you using a fake name to talk to me. You think i can’t recognize your voice? Are you now afraid of me? My friend, stop hiding and talk to me…”

At this point hear him, “I am not Samuelson Iwuoha {with a deep stammering tone} please listen to me I am Chibuoke…” When he discovered that his antics were exposed, he ended the discussion abruptly. After a while, my colleagues in the media called to inform me that Mr. Samuelson published a rejoinder to my article. Consequently, I read through the article published on page 9 of Imo Trumpeta of March 5, 3013 with the caption; “Re: Uwajumogu, The Rolling Stone”.

What really propelled my response to the article is the fact that Mr. Samulson who is not close to academic and intellectual world to adjudge my work of being ‘intellectually and academically deficient and defective’ is an affront occasioned by demented orientation. Samuelson does not understand the principles of academics and may not have acquired the necessary academic degree required for journalism to warrant him serve as media aid to the Speaker. This is evident in his various articles and his methodology in writing.  His appointment therefore amount to putting a square peg in a round hole.

I challenge Samuelson to mention and expose to the general public any article he has written and published in academically recognized (University) journal to warrant him know when an article is defective academically. How many papers has he presented in academic seminars? Samuelson I advice as I have always advised you “Please go back to school”. It could interest the reader of my works to know that at the moment, I am a research fellow at Imo State University in addition to my doctorate (PhD) degree in Philosophy of Religion. Well, it is a mark of vilification on my person to join words with Samuelson-a hack writer.

Samuelson resulted to calling names instead of reading my article with understanding; he called me ‘Professor from hell’ and claimed that we had a team which he was the leader now hear him, “For the avoidance of doubt, Professor Nathan Uzorma Protus is well known to me. Between 2007 and 2011, when the former governor of Imo state held sway, I was the leader of the crusade against the administration. While the late Maximus Uba was my second in command (2IC), Professor Uzorma Protus was the third in rank. I was the leader though the youngest in age. Room 608 of MODOTEL HOTEL (NOW ROCKVIEW HOTEL) used to be our meeting place…”

In the words of Aristotle, “We are known by the friends we keep. To deal with tainted is to become tainted yourself”. I want the entire world to know that during Ohakim’s tenure; we formed no team with Samuelson. He has his team called SLAP INITIATIVE; I challenge him to publish the names of the members of his team with their signatures. Samuelson lied to have said we formed a team. I think the right word should have been that we were all ‘criticizing’ the government on our own individually and not as a team otherwise I should have been involved in all his court cases then. I was only sympathizing him as one whose source of income (sale of kerosene) was affected by the clean and green initiative of Ohakim’s administration. The destruction of his local kerosene business turned him to a quack journalist which he is till date. His position as the Senior Special Adviser on Media is a vilification to professional journalism. Samuelson is not a journalist as a result lacks what it takes to reply my article and to defend Hon. Uwajumogu. I challenge Samuelson to mention the school that trained him in Journalism. He is not trained in this profession at all. He is not even a member of NUJ in Imo State. I do not know why Hon. Ben Uwajumogu feels comfortable having an untrained person as his media aid.

Late Maximus Uba was my good friend who was always warning Samuelson of wrong use of words in his articles. There was no team formed. Could it be possible that the late Uba and I (as journalists) could be in a team where a lay writer like Samuelson was the leader? What an abomination! The hotel room he mentioned used to be Late Maximus Uba hotel room whenever he was in Owerri. On one occasion, late Uba invited me and Samuelson only to advice Samuelson to borrow the art of being reserved in his writing from me. He confessed in the meeting that he did not attain the school of journalism and was not trained in the art. That was the first and last time I met with Samuelson and Uba in that hotel.

Samuelson claimed that Ohakim gave me N10,000,000 and gave Uba N15,000,000 while he continued his crusade. Let it be emphasized here that Ohakim did not give me kobo neither did Uba collected any dime from Ohakim. Samuelson knows I am not a beggar and cannot rank up with me at anytime for any reason. The U-turn late Maximus and I made was as a result of the impact Ohakim’s administration made at that time. I challenge Samuelson to provide evidence of the payment made to us by Ohakim, he shall soon be invited to prove this! For Samuelson to tell lies against a dead man is a thing that he needs to ask God to forgive him. He knows I am a spiritual man, I only ask God for mercy upon his life for telling lies against late Uba.

Samuelson exposed his lack of knowledge of human individuality and personality in his article when he stated, “I can therefore state on good authority without any fear of contradiction that I know Professor Protus Uzorma Nathan too well. I know where he lives he knows where I live.” Samuelson categorical expression of knowing me ‘too well’ is against the law of dynamics in human behavior, for nobody knows anybody too well. Again I advice you as I have always done Samuelson go back to school.

On the issue of Rt. Hon. Benjamin’s resignation from PDP, Samuelson should know that I am not a fool and I shall say more when I am invited by the Imo House of Assembly as Samuelson indicated. I am waiting! As of the tape Samuelson is asking me to provide, when the time comes the custodian of the tape in Imo House of Assembly shall do that. I am a knowledgeable Nigerian and cannot be intimidated by anybody. When the time comes Imo people will know that Samuelson is doing the wrong thing. The vote of confident passed on the Speaker was a magic that divided the house.

According to Samuelson, “The achievement of His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha could not have been possible if the Uwajimogu led House of Assembly have not been collaborating and cooperating with the executive…” This assertion appears to be the only truth Samuelson has ever said in the whole of the article. Yes, Owelle would not have striped Imo and made way with such a great loot without the help of Imo House of Assembly. Part of their achievement was the visit of EFCC to Imo House of Assembly.

Samuelson if you can pray, please do so, so that the court will not rules against your pay master until then may God forgive you for lying against late Maximus Uba.


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