The Pope Must Read This: The Re-birth of “Sodom & Gomorah” in Imo State


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by edmund ugorji 08066487171

It is very sad and disturbing to note that a “Frightening” and dangerous “Girls- Girls-Movement” called “Lesbianism” is now sweeping our innocent young girls and ladies off their feet at an alarming speed here in our state.
PARENTS & GUARDIANS: It might shock or surprise you after reading this piece or write-up to discover that your own daughter or some of your daughters are now “Lesbians”! Our innocent girls in our secondary school and primary schools are the most “Vulnerable-victims” (easy victims of their “already Lesbians friends”. Our young girls/ladies are day by day, falling victims of their “Un-suspecting already lesbian friends”. Read on to see how to guard and protect your innocent daughters from becoming a “casualty or victim” of the “Lesbian witches”! In the first place, be informed that these “Dangerous witches (lesbians'”) now abound or live in our midst and are spreading across our state like wide fire.
Who are these “Lesbians”??? These “lurking-gentle lions (Lesbians)” hardly miss in their “focused” or “targeted victim”, that is to say: once a “Lesbian” sets her eyes to lure or catch a fellow girl, “it is all over”! Believe it, it is all over! It is “a known- fact” that a girl or a lady who never had, quote and quote: “a boy friend”, will be an easy victim for a “Lesbian” (An easy catch!)
“Lesbians”: Display an “unbelievable cool demeanor”. They are “subtle” in their conquests and movements; very much quiet in their method of “trapping or luring” their victims (their fellow girls) into “lesbianism”. It is now, a very disturbing and known fact that the “lesbian movement” is now taking a “toll” or wrecking a havoc on our young girls and ladies alike in our state!
Take Note: Any young girl who knowingly or unknowingly befriends a “Lesbian,” “is gone”! Did I say, she is gone??? Yes, she is “gone” And will in a matter of a week or so be a “Lesbian” also! This is the very much the truth!
All Concerned Parents and Guardians: Should as a matter of urgency, take immediate and serious steps to protect their daughters by inculcating in them “strong – Christian” and “moral values” by letting them know that the idea of a “woman-marrying a woman” or a “man marrying a man”, is an “abomination” before God who created man and gave him a woman (not a man). Anything contrary to this, is “Devilish” and should not be allowed to “take root” in our land!
To all Bishops, Pastors, Priests. Men of God, Christians at heart: etc: Can our state be a witness to “crusade/crusades from your church pulpit”??? A crusade directed toward “routing” or “rooting out” these “human race destructive elements” called “Lesbians” in our midst and in our state???
“Lesbianism”: Believe it, is a “cancer” that can only be cured through “a concerted Prayer – Liberation” and “complete and total separation” of your beloved daughter or daughters from her “Lesbian-friend or friends”. That is the “only” known remedy.
Fact: Once a girl by only “just a trial”, experiments “lesbianism”, “she is in it for ever” and it is easy to “get -in” and will take a “miracle” for her to come out of it. Why??? Once a girl becomes a “Lesbian”, she becomes “bewitched” and also her “lesbian-sister” will do what ever possible: be it gifts, money, paying -for her rent, cajoling, coercing, intimidating and even beating her up to keep her under “her grip”. That’s the truth! Doubt it???? Investigate and find out for yourself and let this also be a challenge to all parents and guardians.
Of all the lesbians, the “most dangerous”, are the “Bisexual-Lesbians”. These “class of lesbians” do have quote and quote: boy friends or are married but their “main passion and “gluttony” is their fellow women. The “Bisexual lesbian” will “rob Peter to pay Paul”. In other words, she will “deceive” or “trick” any girl she wants by giving her the impression or idea that she has a “boy friend or married”. The new victim will presume her new friend to be a “normal lady”. The Bisexuals are the ones causing much damages, deceiving the unsuspecting girls and swelling their ranks (lesbian movement) day by day!
It is equally sad to know that most parents and guardians in our state or Nigeria in general, don’t have the least idea about lesbianism and don’t even know that their young daughters in primary/secondary schools, universities, etc. are experimenting or have already become “Lesbians”.
Our primary schools, secondary schools and universities are now primarily, the breeding ground for “lesbianism”. Tips”: Parents and guardians should know what kind of movies their daughters watch and the friends they keep.
THE TRIGGERING OR THE OFFENDING CULPRIT: Are Foreign Imported “Blue Movies” or “Porno-Movies” of European Female Sexual Movies. These are “extremely indoctrinating” and “highly corrupting movies” of beautiful American/European “High School-drop-out girls” (girls who did not finish High School education) “porno” or “pornographic movies”: showing these European girls in an abominable and mind-burgling sexual acts of girls kissing one another, frolicking and girls-girls making–love among themselves. God forbid!!! Every Christian to the core (true Christian) should repudiate and reject “lesbianism” in its entirety. This lifestyle of “lesbianism” has never been our culture or the life-style of our mothers or ground mothers. This European ‘devilish life-style” (imported) should never be allowed to destroy our culture/race.
1. Homo-Phobians: ..lesbians develop “phobia of men” or become “men haters” and will get fearful, fidget or may become nervous in the presence of men.
Marriage-not-for-me-girls: Most lesbians will never marry; 90 to 95% of them will stay in a “free-indefinite-union” (“union-libre”) with their les or lesbian girl friend”. Very few of them (the Bi-sexual). 1-5% will marry but they usually lead a double-lifestyle (marrying their husband or pretending to be married and at the same marrying their les girl friend).
3. Extinction of the Human Race (our race) With Lesbianism threatening our very existence (human race), one is constrained to ask, where is our human race heading to on this sinister but destructive onslaught of lesbianism, call it “Sodom & Gomorrah – come back movement” now ravaging our state and our survival as a race – Igbo race??? If you say: “to extinction”, “you are 100% correct”!!!
BACK TO THE BIBLE FROM THE ‘HOLY BIBLE’: We read that the “First world” was destroyed by God because of this “same abominable act” of “woman-marrying-woman (Lesbianism) and man-marrying-man (Homo-sexuality) that is now rearing its ugly monster-head again. It should be crystal clear to all who call themselves Christians (believers in Jesus Christ) that both “lesbianism & homo-sexuality” are abominations before God and mankind. God forbid the act of a woman marrying woman or man marrying man!!!
“A SERIOUS NOTE FOR ALL TO PONDER”: Should women marry women and men marry men, our human race will sooner or later come to an abrupt end!!!. Finally, this evil called “Lesbianism” or “Sodom & Gomorrah Re-incarnate” should never be given any room to fester or grow in our society and never be allowed to bring the destruction of our human race. God forbid!!! May God save our race from extinction!!!. Everyone should be really concerned about this “abomination called lesbianism” that is currently ravaging our state and destroying our good girls and ladies alike.
2. Young girls holding each other’s hand while walking along the street. Parents, this should be discouraged.
3. You observe your daughter always in the company of girls of questionable character or befriending older ladies (graduates, workers, married ladies, etc.)
4. Your young daughter showing keen interest in sleeping with her so-called “girl friend” or “course-mate”, etc.
5. Parents be worried if you notice your daughter admiring or showing too much interest in her fellow girls only.
6. Be careful if your daughter feels she is attracted to the beauty or physique etc of her fellow girls (Lesbian tendency).
7. Is your daughter always going to watch movies in her friend’s house or hostel? (99% porno-movies).
8. Your daughter always found mingling with a particular group of girls.
9. Your daughter and frequent “night outing prayer vigils” and coming back the next day. “Careful”?
10. Your daughter most of the time gloomy and opts to desperately be with her girl friend? (More may be amiss)?