Nigeria: As The Gulf Gets Wider


Ogwazu C.nnamdi 



One of the stories learnt from my association with the Village church is the fate that befell the biblical Richman and Larzarus , and upon which greater understanding is still being sought. But, reflecting further on same cane shocking revelations on the sufferings of the Rich man necessitating his call for a Reach-Home approach. Obviously, this never got the attention of the Master and who in his excellent position felt there was no need taking the route. On the other hand , the danger existed as the ever growing gulfline  was  not something to ignore and move forward in the Richman’s quest. Difficult coming into this picture when once we had the opportunity to fix these situations back for the benefit of our society and never to start knocking at doors with reduced prospects in turning over the golden filmed paper from which much quantities could be picked. Mind you! The Larzarus’ class are continuing with their drive to reach out to all mankind with kind message of peace and reconciliation.
Nigeria as a country goes with very many appellations on her rich status that it has always shone with much brightness to the envy of others standing on the margins of her paved stones. So, these descriptions of Nigeria as the giant of Africa, the most populous black nation and others, majorly on her good demographic indices or the alluring beauty supported by quantum of mineral resources round the country. Indeed, these descriptions have proved right at the centre but the fumes from the sides/back yard points to a chaotic occupation by an uninteresting farmer whose only know appellation as a such resides in the breast pocket.
Mind you! Stories were told of how a certain Englander paraded our streets while juggling words to come up with the name Nigeria. Though, a cursory look at these stories point to the non-visual design in the motives of this Englander who supposedly rolled stones came thrown into our barricaded walls thriving on sincerity and steadfastness. So, ours came as an explosive forcing us to a marriage of convenience but lacking in comfort which newly married would always longed to have. It is truth stating that similar situations exists only in Hollywood where much emphasis is led on laughs and vibes. Though, the Englanders saw the drive as hallmark of courage and convictions but I ask, where lies the Epistle in the convictions when greater number, over time on this Sycamore tree showed persons whose fruits have continuously kept us on folded seats and not even at a time our neighbours are savouring the joys of magnificent pasta.
So, those who would want us believe the pies from their corner of the room told stories on statesmanship and why we must keep the cell continuously running? The idea I quite accept but efforts to dilute same in the minds of numerous came the punch that a concentrated acid needed something better to give result. Yes, as much as I do not want to listen to the rumblings right across my bed that these submissions of state manhood are like Chest- tags waiting for unclaimed customer whose only desire for a product is to appease the feathers of his neighbours. Then, I ask, must we accept an uncharitable pact with unity when the drivers at most seem to have lost touch with the principles upon which healthy relationships relaxes.
There is no gain saying that as Nigerians we want to live together and build a country where high ideals reigns supreme and more lend a helping hand since we could afford to throw open our backyards to serve as threshing floors for resource exploitation upon which the wheel of our country run even in uncomfortable situations. The same way we may have let our environment spill-out resources at the detriment of our socio-economics, while those from a distant, build castle of economic empire out of same and most times have the temerity to question why we should get the crumbs falling off the table. Not done yet, they have misconstrued our insistence to follow standards in this business barzzar with an agitation to throw out assumed brothers off the coast of our gold fish.
Indeed, the events as seen in my father’s barn seem to have pitched the yams considered lucky enough surviving an onslaught from the kitchen knives.  A watch at the responses of the custodians of our collective sign posts is always eulogies of paying the supreme prize to keep us one, martyrs of our destiny and others, and I would ask if those words could make up for the pains in the homes of those involved. This once more reminds us of the Igbo adage-Oburu ozu  onye ozo,odi ka obu ogwo nku and in as much I may not wish same to others but would  say like an ex-Governor-na kwa eche ki. Let us touch the broken hearts from Madalla to Ray Field Catholic Churches, the Kano, Bauchi, Adamawa,Yobe, and Borno carnage and feel the pulse. I would not claim to have lost my parents at a younger age but could certainly feel the heat of their absence when reality dawn on me and let alone these young ones separated from their parents in a twinkle.
Indeed, reading the Mass burial of the Madala bomb blast victims in the Nation Newspaper of  Thursday February 2, 2012 I could feel the pulse, burden and anguish of the concerned families especially Mrs Dike loosing husband and 3 children, that of Mrs Okoronkwo,the Obiukwu’s and others. What would I say to those of Kano who left home with greater assurances of meeting loved ones later in the day but only to be cut short in their prime? So, why pretend that all is well with us in a country where the citizenries are segregated upon on the bases of Religious belief, ethnicity, educational convictions and industriousness?
Obviously, my utmost belief is that the time left is very short and would best be utilized fashioning ways to run a prosperous relationship as a people and nation. Yes! We must determine how best we can cooperatively carry the burden of Nigeria and still remain alive to enjoy the fruits from her trees if it eventually comes on board. Also, we must determine the tenets of our freedom and our Right to accept co-existence without having to spill the blood of our generation .Ideally; this is the embodiment of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which most of us would approve of in a business situation. I warn that a negation of the fact of countries as business empires guaranteeing returns to individuals and components in their capacity of inputs and out puts, and upon which successful economies thrive remains the problems of most developing economies like ours. We must not feign ignorance of these hard truth but must dislodge deceits for a Conference of all nationalities with an assurance that the outcome would never be subjected to the vagaries of these men and women who has continued to change the goal posts of their allowances even in the midst of dire economic stress.
Haba! This dance steps demands truth, time and urgency else, we face the temptations to jump into this ditch holding numerous carnivores. I am totally afraid of this growing gap as those consumed would some day refuse our taste for water to quench drying throats. But, would go on reminding us that we had the best of the chances to address the situations, grant hope to the hopeless and sing the joyous chorus of thanksgiving to the Lord and missed same. Indeed, this widening gulf does not look for sympathy talks but I would call the turning spade to say that a stitch in time …