Essay on ‘Culture is Our Identity’: 6 Ideas to Make Your Paper Interesting


The way a student will complete essays is directly dependent on the topic and academic discipline. Some are easy and others are difficult. Many teachers and professors assign their students to compose essays on culture. It’s an interesting and always relevant direction. In the meanwhile, some sub-topics are pretty complex. One of such concerns culture and identity


It’s a pretty broad theme and a student has multiple options. The way you understand this title tells what you should disclose. You may write on various topics about culture. First of all, you should research it. To understand what to cover, you should define the term “cultural identity”. It’s a feeling that you belong to a certain group, community or society. This is your self-perception and self-conception. You feel a relation to a concrete nationality, as well as social class, religion, ethnicity, generation, and even location.


The following step is to know what makes a good topic. It should be:

  • Relevant;
  • Concise;
  • Clear;
  • Informative;
  • Interesting;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Meaningful;
  • Helpful, etc.


These and some other qualities should be present on every topic. After you memorize these points, you may start to select a topic for your essay on cultural identity. Here is our list of ideas:

  1. Should Nationality Predispose Our Cultural Belonging?
  2. Our Identity Is Formed by Our Occupation.
  3. Cultural Identity Is Stronger that Distances.
  4. Should Religion Determine Cultural Identity?
  5. Can People of Two Races Belong to the Single Community?
  6. Language as One of the Keys of Cultural Identification.


These are our major suggestions to cover. Of course, they require some clarifications and we will provide them.

Idea #1

One of the eternal and relevant questions is whether nationality should predispose our cultural values. Many people say that no matter where you live and who surrounds you, those factors will never change who you are. You have a great chance to delve deeper into this matter. There will be a lot of materials to lead your story this or that way. You can agree with this statement or disagree. At any rate, always offer proofs for both theories.

Idea #2

Another crucial question is whether our occupation can affect our cultural views. Many folks believe that the place where we live cannot affect our cultural identity. Nonetheless, there are many people who reported that they had fully changed their cultural beliefs and started to follow the values of other nations. If you’re alone, surrounded by people with the contrary mentality they surely affect you and can shake the strongest beliefs. Of course, people with a strong will can withstand any challenge. You can base your strategy on any of these theories.

Idea #3

Many people debate the matter of distance. Due to globalization and world travels, all possible nations spread throughout the globe. Due to globalization, the line that divides different nations became extremely thin. This affects the culture of identity. Many people say that it’s a bad tendency. Some people claim that nations who live in foreign lands lose their cultural identity. The opposite side claims that blood ties and genetic code are unbeaten.


The truth is that you can defend both statements. Some people really lose their identity because they get melted into a foreign culture. However, you’ll definitely find those people who remain faithful to their origins. It’s an interesting concept. You can cover it and even create some similar ideas.

Idea #4

The issue of religion is of huge importance too. It’s an eternal issue and many people argue and quarrel because of it. Should religion interfere with cultural identification? It’s a good question and you can compose an impressive piece related to this matter.


You will surely find a lot of scientific researches and materials related to this issue. Religion is very strong in those who have faith. At times, foreigners changed their religious views and thus, started to follow the cultural values of another culture.


Of course, you can take up the opposite side. Religion and culture are strongly tied. Commonly, people of the same culture have the same religious views. This should not be changed. Decide which side you support and find someone to do an essay for you.

Idea #5

We live in the world when many nationalities and races live on the same land. Some folks doubt that it’s right. The others claim that it’s a normal happening and two different races can have the same cultural values.


If you opt for this theme, you can write about racism. Commonly, people who don’t want a different nation to join their community simply hate other nations. For example, many Americans don’t want to accept Latino people even if they were also born in the U.S.A.


The others think that racial and national differences don’t really matter. People of different origin can peacefully live in the same community. This theme offers different topics to write about.

Idea #6

You can also compose a great essay based on the issue of language. If a nation forgets its language, it loses its identity. This is a pretty just statement and you can craft a great piece using it. You may also write about how to preserve the language and cultural belonging. Many nations learn English as their second language. Show how to save identity and accept another culture too.