BABA-NA-BABA ON 2015 VIBES New Faces Expected In Imo Assembly Next Session PART (2)


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In continuation of my commentaries on the likely persons that may be the next regular landlords of the Imo State House of Assembly come 2015, I will focus on other state constituencies where their present representatives are likely not going to have another chance to speak their voices in the state legislature.
Hon (Mrs) Adaku Ihuoma is the Majority Leader of the House. She came into the Assembly complex using PDP banner but hurriedly dumped the party for APGA before he got the majority leader position. With next election fast approaching and serving office holders seeking next elective destination, the Majority Leader who is of the APC has declared intention to quit lawmaking at the state level for national exposure. Hon Ihuoma is aware that no House of Assembly member from Ahiazu Mbaise has tried to have a second chance to return since 1999. After Rt Hon Noel Agwuocha Chukwukadibia opened the chapter, he was succeeded by Hon Raphael Nnanna Igbokwe before Hon Barr Pius Nwoga of PDP and Hon Benjamin Emeroele of APGA shared the slot between 2007 and 2011.
Next turn was Mrs Ihuoma who is the present member representing Ahiazu people in the House of Assembly who will definitely bow out in 2015 no thanks to the rotational policy in Ahiazu politics shared between the two clans that consist the area; Ahiara and Ekwereazu. In the line up are Chukwukadibia (Ekwereaz) Igbokwe (Ahiara) Nwoga/Emereole (Ekwereazu) and Ihuoma (Ahiara). Ekwereazu will automatically produce the next House of Assembly member. In anticipation of the coming position, a reasonable number of aspirants from Ekwereazu clan are said to have indicated interests in all the parties to run for the election. I might not be able to reel out the names of all persons believed to be nursing ambition for 2015 but the frontliers who have expanded their tentacles within party ranks and public circle deserve a mention.
Leading the fresh hunters for the House of Assembly position is Peter Onu. Onu has not hidden intention to be in the House of Assembly using APGA ticket. Onu can be said to be man of the people and a prominent name in Ahiazu politics. Though he is one of those said to have been part of Okorocha government at the infant stage, the Umuokirika Ekwereazu-born politician seems to have stuck to his original APGA by rejecting Owelle Okorocha and his new found APC party. Onu may suffer hitches following the zoning system. Even as he is from Ekwereazu clan, his Umuokirika town has benefited from the sharing position because two of his kinsmen, Nwoga and Emereole were in Imo Assembly 2007-2011.
In the spirit of fairness, Umuokirika may not be considered to benefit from the scheme of things.
From the APC is Ejike Anakani, a lawyer. The dude is waxing stronger from Ahiazu following his acceptability and popularity at the grassroots level. Anakani who is from Ogbor/Umueze Ward stands a chance to represent Ahiazu because of a decent past and likeable personality. His chances are boosted because his ward has not benefited from the House of Assembly position. Apart from belonging to one of the communities that make up Ekwereazu clan, his area is said to shut out from political proceeds in recent times. The general feeling in the LGA is that Ogbor Umueze Ward is allowed to produce the member of the state legislature. Anakani is said to have the backing of who-is-who in Ahiazu APC especially Chief P.C Onuoha, Dr Charles Onuoha and Mrs Ihuoma. Still from the same favoured Ihitte Aforukwu is another popular candidate named Kenneth Agbim. A young man said to be packed with vision, Agbim is one of the strong contenders who may have to scale PDP hurdle before the final showdown. The PDP member is said to be loved by all and has been in the system for sometime and may be compensated with the position if PDP wants to reward him for excellence and loyality.
The show is not going to be an Ihettaforukwu and Umuokirika game alone because politicians from Mpam are also warning up to match others in the battle for the Imo Assembly. The Mpam squad is made up of Marcel Okoro (PDP), Uche Nero Obasi (PDP), Kelechi FU Anyanwu, PDP, Tony Odirichukwu (APC) and Uzoga Onuoha. While Okoro is said to be a shrewd politician who has been in the scene for sometime, Obasi is believed to be instigated by youths and party leaders to throw his hat into the ring for the position. However, the popular notion in Ahiazu is that PDP leadership is Mpam is dear to Okoro than the Assembly ticket as his brother, Obasi can be said to be undecided and yet to show pragmatic steps that he is in election mood for 2015 House of Assembly race.
Another Mpam product wanting to try other contestants for size and relaunch the name of the later father, a business mogul and entrepreneur, Chief FU Anyanwu is one of the sons named Kelechi. Believed to be loaded with megabucks to enter the ring for any contest, FU Anyanwu junior may want to use the Assembly race as a launch pad to bring into limelight again the name of the late money-making enigma fondly called Ahajiaku Mbaise.
Onuoha who is beating war drums from the USA is also another Mpam politician desirous of the House of Assembly job. Except he has the magic wand to turn around the wave, he may definitely pay the price as a novice in an elective contest.
Isiala Mbano will be an interesting state constituency to watch out for in 2015. At the moment, the political climate is gathering momentum for the show of power for all contestable political positions. As at the time of this report it is no longer in doubt that the ranking lawmaker representing the area, Hon Barr Simon Iwunze has begun to count his months is Imo State House of Assembly. The Cicero of the House as Iwunze is fondly called wants to extend his legislative know how and tactical finesse in handling knotty issues affecting the House beyond his Isiala Mbano state constituency and Owerri. Working under Simon Iwunzu Campaign Organization SICO, Iwunze is eyeing the glamours red chamber of the lower National Assembly to be Okigwe North House of Reps man in Abuja. How far he will go in his fresh ambition and the views of his constituents are not the subject matter but suffice it to know that time is tickling for him to hand the batton to another newcorner. And that fresher has not been identified and cannot be unmasked until after the 2015 election.
In the meantime, Lady Joy Mbawuike and Pharmacist Joe Obi are pronounced to have declared interest. A prominent politician with grassroots touch, Lady Mbawuike can be said to be the lady of the masses in Isiala Mbano. Apart from her philanthropic gesture which have been in existence before her public knowledge of 2015 House of Assembly ambition, the woman aptly fits into the desire of PDP who are gunning for a match winner for the task ahead. Mbawuike hails from Osuh clan, one of the three clans said to be entitled to produce the House of Assembly person. One of the factors working against lady Mbawuike is unconfirmed reports that political heavyweights in Isiala Mbano who should champion her cause are not disposed to the position she is gunning for. Except there is rapprochement, Lady Mbawuike should watch out for the oppositions from different quarters.
Having tasted politics after acting as chairman of SUBEB during the Ohakim era, Joseph Obi seems to be dumping his pharmacist job for politics. Obi is one of those said to have declared to run. As one of the trusted allies of Ohakim, in the past Obi may enjoy the support of the ex-governor who undoutably is one of the leaders to pull strings in the state constituency.
However, Obi’s interest may arouse campaign of hatred against him considering that he wants an elective position after benefiting immensely during Ohakim era as the boss of SUBEB. The question on the lips of many in Isiala Mbano is whether the position is reserved for him in the coming dispensation?
The race for Isiala Mbano House of Assembly will not be a straight fight between Lady Mbawuike and pharmacist Obi only as other persons are also angling to replace Iwunze.
A prominent politician who has also dominated the scene in the area, Hon Matthew Ukachu, is reported to be warning up for the position. The politician who hails from Umuelemai, in the same Osuh clan was vice chairman of the council when Ruby Emele was in charge. He was also a Transition Committee member during the time of Tony Black Nduka. Ukeachu is said to be familiar with the political terrain of the LGA and conversant with the leaders of the party to seek their support. He is of the PDP.
Another PDP member is also from the favoured Osuh clan is Bethrand Uwandu. The Ezihe born security expert wants to be speaking the voice of Isial Mbano in Owerri come 2015.
It is not entirely a PDP affair because a comrade, Chilos Godsent is believed to be warming up in APC to pick the ticket to fly the party’s flag. Chilos who has been strongly behind Owelle’s regime will exploit this chance to run for the election. There are also unconfirmed reports that popular Owerri-based lawyer and social critic, Barr Kissinger Ikeokwu may join the fray when the game gets hotter. Reports have it that Kissinger noted for his famous facebook posts is still making subtle moves and consultation before bowing to the green light. His party platform has also not been identified. Same situation applies to Kingsley Oguiine who is also from Anara in the same Osu clan. His platform has not been identified.