Anumudu And Governorship Ambition

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Anumudu 2

By Leonard Ajokubi

It is no longer a news that Chief Humphrey Anumudu, a frontline governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party in 2015, has formally joined the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). His decision to join the APGA was not only appreciated by well-meaning people of Imo State, it was also celebration in some quarters.

Naturally, in a situation like this, there must be some people who may like to be heard. This is the class of people who always condemn actions largely accepted by all. They reared their ugly heads shortly after Chief Anumudu’s declaration by making unsubstantiated and baseless comments against him. Their comments were considered baseless in the sense that they do not have any reason to expect him to remain in the PDP.

My grouse with them is that they did not care to know why the easy going politician took the decision. They failed to reason widely as they did not remember that Chief Anumudu did not join politics for the sake of it, and that it is not necessary that he must achieve his target in the PDP

However, the only reason one has to give at this material time is that Chief Anumudu contributed immensely to the growth of the PDP in Imo State and Nigeria at large. Apart from his financial and moral contributions, he made a sacrifice no politician in the state can dream to make in 1999. He conceded his victory at the PDP governorship primaries to Chief Achike Udenwa to ensure that there is equity and political stability in the state and that explains why he joined politics.

But the truth is that his contributions to the party are not a big reason for him to remain there, knowing full well that the possibility of achieving his aim in the party is narrow. As one who bears the interest of the people at heart, he must search for a better option, and from all indications, the option now is the APGA.

Interestingly, the good people of Imo State, including those who were condemning his decision, are now seeing reasons to identify with him, meaning that they have understood him. They have discovered that he joined the APGA to realize his dream of governing the state. They have also understood that with the platform, he will be able to fulfill his campaign promises. In all, they have realized that Chief Anumudu has good intention for the people of Imo State.

As people were discussing Chief Anumudu’s decision, I did not fold my hands as a political analyst, rather, I was studying the situation to enable me present a good picture of the matter. I chose to do so because it is a matter that concerns the entire Imo populace and not Chief Anumudu alone as some people may feel. It therefore requires every atom of carefulness and objectivity.

For the record, I was able to understand many things, including why the business mogul insists on governing the State. Hence, it was made clear that Chief Anumudu, ordinarily, wouldn’t have ventured into politics. What informed his interest to participate in politics is the condition he

saw the people of Imo State during the military administration. He felt bad over the poor condition of the people then and decided to run for the governorship election in 1999 to enable him effect positive changes in the state. He participated in the PDP guber primaries that was keenly contested and clearly won. He contested it with Chief Achike Udenwa, Owelle Rochas Okorocha and Chief Greg Mbadiwe. When the issue of zoning was introduced shortly after the primary election by the leaders and stakeholders of the party, he conceded his victory to Chief Achike Udenwa, who later won the general election and became a governor.

Chief Anumudu’s action, unarguably, did not only show that he is decent, humble and loyal to the people, it also shows that he is not a desperate politician and that his utmost concern is the welfare of the people of the state. If not, he would have rejected the decision taken after the conduct of the primary election. He accepted it because he felt that Chief Udenwa would achieve a milestone as a governor.

After the general elections of 1999, he wished Chief Udenwa well and went back to his business. It was when he discovered that the governor was not living up to the expectations, as there was no serious change in the areas of security, economic and infrastructural developments that he made up his mind to run for the same position in 2003 under the platform of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP). He wanted to contest through the PDP, but those at the corridors of power frustrated the idea. But, the truth is that he was assured of flying the Party’s ticket in 2003 by the elders of the party who pleaded with him to concede his victory to Chief Udenwa. He was said to have won the 2003 governorship election, but those in power allegedly rigged it.

The bottom line of it is that Chief Anumudu has been featuring in the struggle since 1999, and he has been making commendable impacts. His reason is clear. He wants to touch many lives and as well, develop the State like other beautiful cities of the world.

Again, unlike other aspirants and candidates, Anumudu, after every election, goes back to his business. This is one method some people are yet to understand, as they expect him to stay behind and attack the government in power in the name of opposition. They may be right in their thought, but I want to tell them that the style will not be in the interest of the state, that is why he tries to avoid it. To him, there is no need trying the wrongs. But that doesn’t mean that he does not talk when the need arises. He talks, but constructively.

So, those habouring the negative impression should be advised to erase it, because what is important is the welfare and development of the state, and not unnecessary attacks and blackmail that are capable of retarding the progress of the state. People like Chief Anumudu, who mean well for the state will never indulge in such act. Instead, they embark on meaningful programmes like empowerment of the people. Of course, Chief Anumudu, after the 2015 general elections, floated a foundation better known as “Humphrey Anumudu Foundation” for empowerment of the poor in the state. He has assisted over 20,000 indigent people through the foundation. He gives them interest-free- loans on regular basis, and I believe, a good number of them are doing

well in their respective places. This, no doubt, has cushioned the effect of the economic harsh weather in the state.

What this simply means is that Chief Anumudu will deliver if given the opportunity to serve. It is a fact because it is one in a million that can do what he did. He has never benefited any kobo from the government since 1999 he joined politics, but he still has the mind to invest huge amount of money for such purpose.

However, considering Anumudu’s consistency in the struggle and his good intention for the people of the state, I will without any reservation, say that he is a pragmatic politician that needs to be tested in 2019. Imo state actually needs a competent and forward-looking politician like him.

Hence, the leadership, delegates and stakeholders of the APGA will have a role to play. In the first place, they should not see him as a new person in the field, because he is not only old in the system he is also, familiar with the game.

Without mincing words, he is the type of person they need for the battle. He has all it takes to give the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the PDP a straight fight. It is a fact because his name is certainly In the heart of many Imolites as the kind of person they would like to be their Governor. There is no doubt that he is one of the superior minds which Imo State needs to bring back its beauty and greatness. He will certainly re-write the history of the state in colourful letters.

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