Imo APGA and Armada Guber Ticket Merchants

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If the political hemisphere in Imo State would be translated to the football sector, the transfer season ahead next year’s competitive election has been favourable to the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA.

The state chapter of APGA has braced all odds to attract top political strikers to further its chances in the 2019 election. The new stunt pulled by the party is a big surprise to political watchers in the State who are astonished as to how APGA with zero performance in 2015 election have become the “resting” place of numerous political office holders.

Unlike in the past where the party manages to secure one elective position, the last general election was almost a funeral for the APGA after it failed to secure an elective position, beginning from that of President, Senate, Governorship, House of Reps and House of Assembly in Imo State.

Since the advent of democracy in 1993, APGA has always come behind the major political parties in Imo State to win a position. In 2003, Uche Oneyagocha, won under APGA for the Owerri Federal Constituency, while Rochas Okorocha, and Christy Anyanwa who used APGA banner to seek election in 2015 were elected Governor and Senator respectively same for Ezenwa Onyewuchi of Owerri Federal Constituency.

But the subsequent 2015 was disastrous for APGA in Imo as the general election ended without the party having anything to show for participation.

Therefore, it was surprising that an avalanche of politicians from the major parties, like APC and PDP, pitched tenth with the APGA. Political observers are of the view that judging from the past records of the new converts, what is in their minds is how to become governor by grabbing the party’s ticket to run for the 2019 of all the present governorship ticket chasers, only Okey Eze and Ike C.Ibe are former contestants with roots with APGA. Coming from a remote background in politics, Eze almost became an instant hit in 2015 when he battled the flagbearer, Emma Ihenacho to a standstill. The name Eze became synonymous with APGA in Imo until the coming of new aspirants.

Not left out in the old records of APGA is Ike C. Ibe. a former lawmaker who represented Obowo, the US based lawyer sought to become the governor through the party’s vehicle in 2015 but later surrendered to partner Iheancho as running mate. Similar to what Okey Eze pattern, he has kept faith with APGA and among those listed for the governorship ticket.

In the last count, about ten top flight politicians have joined the party. Leading the pack is Bright Nwanne. The former Senator was among those who sought to be governor of Imo State in 2015 under PDP. He joined to spend about N11m for the party’s from before placing a distant place at the end of primaries.

Nwanne is not a new name in the politics of the state as he had in the past represented Owerri zone under the defunct NRC and SDP arrangement.

An Aba-based businessman with high elements of philanthropy, Nwanne called it quits with PDP and is now a full-fledged APGA member. His rejection of PDP has no doubt drowned the fortunes of umbrella party in Ezinihitte council as majority of the party’s stalwart including a former Deputy Governor, Ada Okwuonu, has joined him in APGA.

Nwanne is also rumoured to be working in a plot to get the party’s ticket for 2019.

Another celebrated politician with same characteristics with Nwanne is Charles Onyeagbako. Onyeagbako is from Owerri North LGA. Though, with an earlier history of affinity with APGA, before joining PDP, the former Executive Chairman of Owerri North and former Commissioner for lands is now of APGA after spending million to campaign for PDP ticket in 2015. Reports also have it that Onyeagbako has interest to be Imo number one citizen after Okorocha’s tenure.

Among those who fell into the APGA dragnet ahead of 2019 is Jerry Chukwueke. A household name in politics of the State noted for always seeking the desire to become governor each election year. He made serious efforts in the run up to the 2015 election when he took over PDP mobilization programme to earn the title of Great Mobiliser. He was at the verge of running for the primaries before last minute withdrawal that left his followers in disarray. Chukwueke went further to shift base with an Okorocha romance where he backed the incumbent in APC to win for a second term.

When analysts thought APC will entice him to stay put, Chukwueke again moved and seems to have found solace in APGA to swell the number of governorship ticket seekers in the party. Chukwueke is from Owerri North.

Another old war horse who is also desirous to translate his entrepreneurship skills in rediscovering Imo by using APGA as a means to serve the people is Humphrey Anumudu. A lawyer and businessman with great love to take the state to higher levels if granted the opportunity, Anumudu, the exponent of “Onye Ma Uzo” politics may be on his last political adventure to be Imo State governor, if statements credited to him are anything to go by. After what can be said to be a last trial in PDP in 2015, Anumudu has joined APGA where his target is to pick the governorship ticket.

The Obazu Mbieri, in Mbaitolu LGA born politician has a history of seeking for the number one position in Imo having ran for the PDP primaries of 1998/98, ANPP governorship candidate of 2003 and one of the PDP aspirants for 2015 election.

It is expected that his words that APGA will be his last bus stop” will fire him to grab the ticket.

Business mogul and owner of ABC Transport, Paschal Nneji, is another APGA compliant governorship hopeful. It was like he used the brother to test the murky terrain of politics when in 2015, he younger one ran for Owerri Senate using the platform of APGA. Coming from the business class, ABC has thrown his hat into the ring to pick the ticket and emerge the governor.

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