Free Education @ 7 In Imo: . CJK Chinedu Eulogizes Governor Okorocha’s Magnanimity

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By Onyekachi Eze

Prior to the 7th year anniversary of free Education in Imo State which is to be officially commemorated tomorrow, a respected Imolite from Ideato North Local Government Area and a bigwig in the APC family, Nze CJK Chinedu has eulogized the founder and initiator of such program.

The Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha according to his kinsman, Nze CJK is been described as a compassionate Governor whose love for education, especially to those children from poorest homes was propelled into sacrificing his security votes which he said none of the past governors did.

He went history lane to narrate how oppositions kicked and made jest of the free education policy when Owelle Okorocha made the project open in 2011, pointing out that in order to meet up with the People’s demands and utmost needs on a free, sustainable and quality education, the governor did not only implement it, but ensured that it was extended from Primary to Tertiary levels.

Speaking further, Nze Chinedu disclosed that what Imo children and their families are enjoying today is what other States are dreaming of, adding that upon that kind gesture, Imolites still show little or no appreciation to the government that is only engrossed to what will benefit their wellbeing and generations yet unborn.

In furtherance, he submitted that for the past seven years in existence of free education, lot of parents, especially those from poor homes are greatly relieved of their children’s school fees burden averring that upon that, the State government complemented her caring hands by paying stipends to the pupils which he said is unprecedented for the past 42 years Imo was created.

He also submitted that the building of 27 twin storey school buildings across the Local Government Areas is another evidence of a governor with mission and vision, stressing that across Nigeria, it’s only in Imo State that their teachers and civil servants are not toiled with due to the precedence established by the Rescue Mission Administration.

In a related development, the maverick cum business inclined politician recalled that what Imo populace is celebrating today under the Governor’s magnanimity did not start because he was elected a governor, stating that from the onset, Okorocha has a soft spot for lending helping hands to the downtrodden and the vulnerable ones in the society which is the more reason for the establishment of Rochas Foundation Colleges Nigeria and presently the inclusion of Africa where children from the 55 African Countries are given opportunities for quality education.

Meanwhile, CJK Chinedu haven appreciated the governor’s goodwill and people oriented programs aimed at alleviating the masses sufferings, charged Imolites at home and in Diaspora to queue into the Rescue Mission policies and support in any available means of sustaining the precedence laid by Governor Rochas Okorocha.

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