Imo- Solution To APC Self Crisis


By Lumenze Micheal 07054171017

INTERITY, a word of morality and principles upholding faith and knowledge of truth is uttermost tested in leadership.

The pretends of it or indeed complete lack of it has been the bane in today’s Imo State politics. The search for who truly has it is the concern of every sensible Imolites as the drum for political waders and rulership beats soundly. Today in Imo APC a delioria swings in the face of membership. The question continually asked by knowledgeable membership is which way APC in Imo State?

Majority especially the prince, and hydra-headed Owerri zone adherents of “Rochasmina” accepted the temptation to do wrong thing and continue in comfort and prosperity of their gains of the looted wealth of Imo people, to doing what is right and accepting in true faith whatever conditions the see themselves. These “self” sons of Imo State, who have a concern, pervasion, interest, a favour or gains that is for the individual alone, that nothing is good unless they have it are worthless mundane and unworthy of any trustful mandate. The choice of what is wrong to perpetuate the rain glories of power is the shame of Imo APC. To many, Owerri zone people is like if they choose to be (AGBURU ROCHAS) they continue to enjoy material success, and this will be assured to them all the remaining days of their life. This is idolator and mamonism of the highest order. Man’s true fate is in God and every sun has its own actual time to set. The devil is whispering in the minds of many Imolites of APC now, especially (AGBURU ROCHAS ) think of your wife, your husband, think of your ego, how you are regarded in the social order, when you leave “Rochas” you have brought starvation, hunger, disgrace and shame to them all.

Imo people are the solution to APC self crisis. The search is continuous for a man who is humble, yet indeed pure, strong and pitiful, who once has contacted the truth and higher realm of life, whose spiritual eyes are opened to see the beautiful thing God has kept for Imo State who is neither puffed by wealth nor restless of the promised glories of power. A man who when Imo State must have giving him this power, through their mandate for him to rule Imo State, will have a quite conscience and listening ear to rule Imo State. Michael Ketuel wrote “The right- doer has not ultimately failed, while the wrong doer cannot ultimately succeed”. This man of integrity must be introduced to Imo State and Imolites alike. He is no other person but Chief Humphrey Anumudu. One will ask why point at this son of Owerri zone directly. He is one who has been tested by events of the past and consistently proved himself a man of conscience, freedom and pitiful mind.

This issue of the will of the people will not be hampered by the selfishness of the self seeking souls. The decision God has taken about Imo State cannot be stopped by slander, accusation, malice or evil in all its practices. Evil graters like a thick cloud, but no matter how thick, the rising of the sum in the heavens dispels the thick dark cloud. The sorrow of Imolites is going to be short lived, in the sense that unless APC chooses a man of comparable integrity with the likes of Chief Humphrey Anumudu, power has already shifted by the “will of the masses of Imo State.

To concluded this article without encouraging Imolites of the need for steadfastness in prayers would be like a leadless queen whose true beauty you cannot identify for lack of her face where the beauty lies. The beauty of this day politics is that APC is one out of the many parties in Imo State, the choice is for the people to make, if APC under (AGBURU ROCHAS) choose to neglect his earlier promise on oath of handover to Owerri man, he not only facilitates the shift of power, but attacks to himself those who will persecute him and probe him to a point of humiliation.

This is still time for him to amend and find succor in APC aspirant from Owerri zone who does not bear the stigma of “Rochasminan”, for Imolites will reject whatever symbolizes the old order. There is one serious quality of “DISCRIMINATION”. Today the people can discriminate between the true sons of Imo State, Owerri zone, APC and other parties. They eye of the people has been opened wide enough to choose the real from the unreal and falsehood and pretences cannot no longer over shadow reality and truth.

The people will in discrimination choose the candidates who will give them the needs and dividends of Democracy.