Life Not Worth Living Anymore In Nigeria


Lady Ndidamaka Ezeh


By; Lady Ndidiamaka Ezeh




Nigeria and Nigerians are defenseless and vulnerable in a broken nation due to bad leadership. Leadership appears glamorous at times, but it is often lonely, thankless and filled with pressure to compromise values and standards.


Good leaders put the best interest of the followers above their own, making decisions only for oneself or a particular political party will back fire and cause you or the party to lose more than if they had kept the welfare of the others in mind.


We must always evaluate our leaders to make sure their charisma is not a mask covering graft, deception or hunger for power, making sure that underneath their style and charm they are able to make good decisions and handle the citizenry wisely.


Nigeria is greatly endowed with wealth but the people still live in abject poverty. The society have thrown away values and norms, discard God’s word, and what remains with Nigerians are only godlessness, injustice, evil leadership and corruption.


Unfortunately, Judges, State Governors and leaders have taken justice into their own hands, they have complete authority with no accountability and the power to make their own laws.


When the leaders and the Judges are corrupt, there is little hope of justice in the country and the citizenry feels that “life is not worth living any longer“. However, of all the people, our national leaders should be just and fair, when they are unjust and unfair, the citizens suffer, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, politicians wrestle power from the people, national morality deteriorates and God is ignored.


God actually is aware of every injustice in this our country, Nigeria. There is so much instability and confusion in the country and the States, caused by different political parties.


Many people waiver between political parties (CUPP +APC). If these people actually understand what politics and democracy means and are truly concerned about the situation in the country and not for their greed and quest for power to intimidate others, they will make a firm stand and not create havoc registering political party (CUPP) with same people but with different strategy.


Please this good Nigerians should not be fooled by their new political strategy, stealing our hearts with their looks, promises, handouts and apparent concern for justice and friendly embraces.


Yes may be some of the parties are not sure of themselves, no manifesto, especially some of the newly registered parties. In fact, some people are aware of the new parties, their great ideology and ethos but they choose to go with CUPP or APC due to the sinful pleasure they enjoy and other benefits that comes with following APC with its idolatrous murky leadership.


It is vital to take a firm stand for the true political party, ANRP in order not to confuse the youths and create instability.


What is happening in the political arena now is quite ridiculous, shameful, wicked, childish and vindictive. It is very obvious that real people or political parties with great vision, desire to rebuild broken walls and lives, Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party is not part of the so called coalition.


ANRP has no business with the coalition because we know and have the desire to rebuild and sanitize the nation and not to destroy it further by joining disgruntled, confused, greedy, myopic, self-centered individuals in the name of “CUPP” to disorganize the nation the more.


ANRP is a model of committed God honoring leadership, ANRP have put all their resources of knowledge experience and organization into determining what should be done to rebuild and sanitize our nation, so if ANRP just drift along with its pleasant and easy, gratifying visions, we will someday discover that we have been eating, dancing and sleeping with the devil.


ANRP is not a flamboyant party, it is a unique party with talented young men/women with great vision, a party of action and inactions. We speak the language of both the young and old (men/women/ youths/elites/ non-elites, special people from the grassroots/rural areas) will understand.


ANRP has identified that the root cause of Nigerians problems are greed, recycling of leaders and the use of a constitution that does not favour every tribe. The present constitution was drafted during the military regime and it does not favour all.


Above all there is still be hope for Nigerians with ANRP but as long as all the swindlers continue to recycle themselves as politicians and be in control of power, to accumulate wealth, intimidate and oppress the powerless, our hope and chances will be slim.


Let’s all join ANRP!


Written by Lady Ndidiamaka Ezeh State Secretary Gender Balance and Youth Development ANRP Imo State.