Delegate Battle: Samdday Swim Against Ihedioha’s Tide – Chilaka

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By Orji Sampson

The Deputy President, Ohaneze Ndigbo South Africa, Dikejiejemba Chuks Chilaka has said that Senator Samuel Anyanwu is swimming against the governorship tide of the most popular, tested and trusted PDP Governorship hopeful of the state, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.

The humanitarian of repute, Dikejiejemba Chuks Chilaka while speaking to Journalists in Owerri noted that Samdaddy should not allow himself to become the proverbial ‘nleke nti oba’ which after being fed by his master, challenged his master in a contest. He posited that it would become tales by moonlight in the future that Samdaddy ever contested with Rt. Hon. Ihedioha bearing in mind he (Samdaddy) will lose.

Dikejiejemba Chuks Chilaka, who many have described as empowerment magnet, who has touched the lives of the people of Ahiazu Mbaise, the state and Nigeria at large, hinted that it is not late for Samdaddy to take the path of honour and relinquish his guber ambition to save himself from the shame of defeat that is imminent, adding that the victory of Ihedioha is birthed ever before his governorship bid is contemplated.

Dikejiejemba Chuks Chilaka who has continued to conveniently pilot the affairs of Ndigbo in South Africa revealed that Samdday is only helping the actualization of the Governoship hopefulness of Ihedioha by abandoning his political tracks to contest the governorship election, stressing that Samdaddy would have lost the only ounce of votes Imolites have for him in the future by his unpopular decision to contest against the tide of Ihedioha.

The former aspirant for Ahiazu Mbaise House of Assembly seat in 2015 said Ihedioha has shown commitment to serve the State as the Chief Executive Officer, adding that the job of governorship needs a man with competence, capacity, dexterity and capability, hinting that Samdaddy ought to understand that he miscalculated, knowing well that the astute administrator in the person of Rt. Hon. Ihedioha is already on the road to Douglas House come 2019.

The rallypoint of societal change,  Dikejiejemba Chuks Chilaka however said that the “incoming Governor Ihedioha as an extreme God fearing man with hyper forgiving spirit will accommodate you and others as long as you are back with clear and genuine heart into our liberation movement and remain in our party PDP, adding that Imolites in all the 3 zones and beyond are ready to be liberated from Pharaoh of  Egypt of our time come 2019 through Ihedioha”, calling on Samdday not to be left out of the train of liberation that emerges.

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