Poverty In Imo Made Me Join Guber Race , Says Ekwerike

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Prof Alphonsus Njoku Ekwerike

 Tunji Adedeji

Prof. Alphonsus Ekwereike, a Harvard Trained Scientist and the gubernatorial candidate of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, ANRP on Wednesday said his decision to join the race for the governorship election in Imo State was informed by the current sufferings of Ndi-Imo arising from bad leadership.

The Imo born renowned Prof. Alphonsus Ekwereike who stated this while fielding questions from journalists at his office in Owerri, Imo State capital said Chief among the rational for joining the race was to serve his people especially now that the state needs help and requires a servant leader like him.

Prof. Ekwereike who is the President & Clinical Director, Science Medicine Research Institute (NASA-IASC indexed Asteroids Discovery Institute, NeuroToxic Spongifibrous Syndrome Discovery Institute and unit of Neurosquatemetry & Science Medicine, Inc) said what Imo needs at this point is a servant governor whose administration would run an innovation economy.

According to him, “the deplorable state of infrastructure and squalor in the land, if allowed to continue unabated, would lead to total collapse of the system thereby jeopardizing the future of the people of the state as well as our children yet unborn”.

He further pointed out that he decided to bell the cat, by throwing his hat into the ring to “save the people of the state from this agony and squalor”, adding that they cannot fold their arms and watch their people to continue to suffer untold hardships.

According to renowned Research, “the State is blessed with abundant human and material resources, if fully utilized, can take the State to enviable heights, assuring the people that under his watch they would witness accelerated development.

He further stressed that as a Harvard Trained Scientist, he would use his wealth of experience and exposure to mobilize the state for development if given the mandate, promising to run a transparent government.

Ekwereike enjoins Imolites to support his aspiration so that together they can salvage the situation, for the common good of the people.

While calling on the well meaning people of the state to support him, the intellectual giant said as a researcher, he discovered that Imo state has 289 unindexed natural most needed technological, health and agricultural elements, minerals & plants that are more lucrative than oil that has messed this nation up instead of prospering her.

He said, “I will commit an innovative workforce on these and it will boost our living standard and poverty would be gone in our state, that we won’t have to run to Abuja on monthly bases for Federal allocation like other state”

“I will make Imo State the most business friendly place for investors to open businesses and this would boost employment, good livings. Open up our natural treasures, cultures etc for International tourism that boost the state’s employment, economy & income. ”

He pointed out that he would call for building new hydropower plants, introduce renewal energies like solar, wind, fluorocell (which I invented), biogas, etc electricity so that people would have choices & this plan would steady the electricity supply & drive down the consumers’ prices.

He opined that with steady electricity supply industries, hospitals, schools, street lights, among others would function well and life would start making meaning to our people.”

He said,”Old industries would be reactivated and new ones built & these would assure employments & prosperity. It is a great pity that lives of the common citizens are not protected now and our medical doctors, health workers not regarded, as no serious emphasis on preventive health of the citizens. ”

“I will make the health sector vibrant like you have abroad by rehabilitating the old hospitals, build new ones if need be, equip them greatly and have four levels of health care delivery that would meet every citizen’s health need starting from the grassroots and would mandate a robust clinical and medical research education that would address our peculiar health needs, innovate new techniques & drugs to promote good health and longevity.”

When asked why he left everything was doing in America to join the race for Imo gubernatorial sit he said,” I joined the race because I am feeling the same anguish that Nehemiah felt when he was told that the walls of Jerusalem had fallen and  his ancestral sites in ruins. ”

His word,” Every country in the world now is very wary of Nigerians, even at home, the young men & women are terribly deprived of every modern provision of life & employments. While our leaders wouldn’t do something to alleviate the inhumane treatments & slavery subjections meted to them. My state Imo, suffers greatly on this & I want to be the voice & hand that would rescue & restore their dignities. At home too, the young men & women suffer the horrible unemployment & bad conditions too. ”

He promised that if elected his administration would introduce a radical innovative educational curriculum in Imo school systems that would enable students & graduates create jobs themselves as against seeking to be employed. I have stem invention Technology Program as my project Nehemiah’s tool, he said.




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