NBL Land Owners Palaver; Ala Ukushi Uzoru/Alaukwu Nwoyo Landlord Association, Not Land Owners, Says Ubachima Landowners Association by Inheritance

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In view of the claims concerning the location of the brewery in Awo Mma Mma in Oru East LGA of the state, the Ubachima Landowners Association By Inheritance ( ULABI)  has alleged that the Ala Uzoru/Ala Ukwu Nwoyo Landlords Association, who claimed that they are formerly known as Ubachima Landlords Association, Ubachima, Awo-Omamma as the owners of the  land in contention with the breweries were never members of the Ubachima Landlords Association and never owned any land within the area in dispute.


According to a rejoinder placed by the Ubachima Landowners Association By Inheritance against earlier claims by a group who identified themselves as Ala Ukushi Uzoru/Ala Ukwu Nwoyo Landlords Association, the Ubachima Landowners in the statement claimed that the said Ichie Emmanuel Agedoghaobi who parades himself as the president of the family association, allegedly gathered few members of his family to falsely operate with the name to defraud NB Plc, Awo-Omamma posing himself and co, as the original owners of the land in contention.

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