Between The Seer And The Aggrieved.


I salute readers of this column, both those who praised and criticized last week’s piece titled The Man Who Sees 2015. It was an expository exercise by an octogenarian, a first Republic politician in the State who took time to reveal what we should expect in the torrid political terrain in our dear Imo State in 2015.

The reactions to his ‘prophecy’ was expected, though I take exception to the vituperations of some individuals whose views were totally not in tandem with the crux of the matter.

However, whichever way  one sees these reactions, I quietly told myself that despite the sad economic situation in the State, Imolites remain conscious of events in their political environment and this is good for the State. The incessant calls and text messages for and against the write up is an indication that Imolites not only read, but have not lost sight of the need to be keep a tab on issues or discourse that affect their well being.   And I urge them to keep it up.  It is only a responsive society like the one obtained in Imo State that determines what manner of government and leaders they get.

For Imolites outside the shores of Nigeria, who followed me, I must admit that I was impressed with their candid opinion, both for and against, the prophecy of this political seer.  Their hunger for gist from home is something I am delighted about.

For those who rained curses and abuses on yours sincerely for daring to air the views of a political seer simply because he predicted either rightly or wrongly that Rochas Okorocha will be re elected Imo State Governor in 2015, I owe them no apologies to them for publishing the old man’s views.   It is painful that either of out mischief or ignorance, they either failed to understand the message in that piece or pretended not to understand that  a newspaper has the right to air the views of anyone who feels either rightly or wrongly about an issue .

It is unfortunate that in their desperation to crucify the seer, they painfully missed the point contained in the piece and exhibited shallow understanding that kept me wondering if they ever read the piece in the first place. For clarity purposes, let me say that I published the views of a man of yesteryears, an octogenarian, a senior citizen of the State whose political experience in the first republic can guide us to ensure that Imo State gets the best set of leaders in the next political dispensation. That the sage predicted Okorocha’s return as governor of Imo State a second time does not qualify any sane person who has respect for the grey hair to insult, crucify and pour invectives on the old man.

Let me remind these characters that democracy guarantees freedom of speech for everyone and on one is under any compulsion to

For such venoms coming from a particular group of politicians in the State underscores the fact these categories of Imo politicians are either politically naïve or exhibiting the depth of their political ignorance. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth and one wonders what manner of politicians they are

I have said it severally on this page that readers are free to reply on any issue or topic put up by columnists on Imo Trumpeta. As Editor of this medium, I created a page called Right of Reply where those who are either in support or opposed to views expressed on this newspaper are free to ventilate their views.  It is not only unfortunate, but appalling that such characters either out of inability to put ink on paper to construct their views choose to resort to barbarian approach of threatening fire and brimstone on yours sincerely for airing the views of a wise one. Let me tell them that I am not moved by their infantile rantings.  Case closed

I will not allow the senseless opinions of some misguided politicians in the State to becloud my sense of judgement concerning other events taking place in the State.

One has observed a lull in the State since Governor Okorocha travelled abroad and Imo lawmakers followed suit with a visit to South Africa. A regular reader of this column texted yours sincerely to say that governance has gone into exile in the State. I agreed him.  He wondered why the executive and legislative Arms of Government will abandon the ship of governance of the State and decide to travel the same time.  Another concerned Imolite who engaged yours sincerely in a gruelling 37 minutes telephone conversation concurred by saying that the art of governance has been reduced to a plaything in the State and this informed the reason why the executive and our Assemblymen had the temerity to abandon their offices and jet out of the country.

While I understood their frustrations, I made these concerned Imolites to understand that I am not the spokesman of the executive and members of the House of Assembly; therefore I am not the official person to speak on the matter. But I quickly reminded them the Governor and members of the House of Assembly are entitled to embark on local or foreign trips that will have direct impact on the lives of the good people of Imo State. Whatever interpretations either real or imaginary that are attached to such trips are not my business, it only becomes a source of worry when such trips are converted for personal gain or does not align with the expectations of the masses.  I reminded them such trips will be meaningless to the State if the intended aims and objectives of such trips are not realized.

However, I must quickly say that in civilized democratic climes, leaders embark on foreign trips. It is used as a tool to cross pollinate ideas and fertilize issues that of common interests.  Therefore it is important that leaders are encouraged to enrich knowledge on the art of governance. It does not mean that we are not bound to advise and caution them why they abuse such trips or convert it for their personal gain.

This leads me to the sorry state of the environment in the State. Owerri is dirty and stinking. The rains last week exposed the fact that we live in an environment filled with filth and dirt. It is disheartening to see Nigeria’s cleanest city as Owerri was rated then, to degenerate to a place where garbage has found a safe haven. Much as the burden of keeping Owerri clean lies on the State Government, it is imperative that we do not loose focus on the need to be clean and decent.

At the same time, I call on the Okorocha Administration to do more towards restoring the status of Owerri as the most filth free city in the federation.  It is also imperative to note that the floods that easily occur in the State whenever there is a downpour is an indication that the Rescue Mission is ebbing in this dimension. Go to Item Street, Christ Church Road and other adjoining streets whenever it rains, what we see is another River Niger that causes traffic logjam or hold up.

I also wonder why some of the roads constructed or renovated by the Okorocha Administration have degenerated to a condition that compels one to lament the shoddy job done on such jobs. Most of the roads are being ‘eaten’ up by the rains. It therefore behoves on the present Administration to ensure these roads which attracted so much praise are put in proper shape and condition before the yuletide. The state of the roads on before the next elections in the State will be a deciding factor. If the roads are allowed to become death traps, it will portend dangerous and far reaching electoral consequences for the apostles of the rescue mission.

See you next week