Ihitte Uboma Progressive Minds Thanks Ihedioha For Uwaleke, Nwokonkwo


A Socio-political Group named Ihitte Uboma Progressive Minds have thanked the Governor of Imo State, Hon Emeka Ihedioha for deeming it fit to appoint two illustrious sons of the LGA into various important positions in his Government.

They are Professor Joseph Uwaleke, the present Commissioner for Finance, Imo State and Sir TUC Nwokonkwo the Principal Secretary to the Governor respectively.

Speaking to Trumpeta Newspaper in Owerri, the Coordinator of the Progressive Minds, Comrade Nwokeke Emeka (IROKO) told Trumpeta that Ihitte Uboma LGA has never had it so good in occupying strategic positions in the annals of administrations in the State.

He said that for appointing a son of Ihitte Uboma as the Commissioner for Finance is a bold statement by the Ihedioha administration and crowned it all by appointing another son, Nwonkwokwo as the Principal Secretary to the Governor.

“These positions speak volumes of how Ihedioha takes Ihitte Uboma in the scheme of things in his administration.  For those who know how Governments work, these two positions are very strategic and important to the Governor” Nwokeke said.

He maintained that for having this confidence on Ihitte Uboma people,

Ihedioha needs no persuasion to ask Ihitte Uboma people to give his administration all the support in this world.

“Ihedioha has recognized Ihitte Uboma and we must also recognize him by staying behind him for as long as he remains in the Leadership of Imo State today and tomorrow” he said.

The Coordinator disclosed that even though Ihedioha has spent just five months in office, the difference is clear as Imo people have seen the difference between having an educated fellow as Governor”.

“He picks his policies carefully and does things by following the rules. And for living by example, Imo people have also keyed into his policies. By the time Ihedioha spends just one year in office, Imo populace will ask for more” he said.