Igbo people are the only ancient Jews – Dr Njemanze

A renowned Academician Dr Prof Philip Njemanze has described the Igbo people as the only ancient Jews as he gave lecture on the occasion of the Igbo Hebrew Cultural Heritage Organization in partnership with Impact Africa Educational Foundation International Gathering For Peace and Human Rights And The African Diaspora Union.
DrĀ  Njemanze was a guest speaker at the occasion held at Rock View Hotel, Owerri with the theme “Harnessing the Economic Gains of Socio-Cultural Affinity Between the Igbos and the Hebrews.
Delivering his lecture, the Human Activist reviewed the current state of the Art genetics information that the Igbo people are first of God’s creation with LIG, haplo groups dating 150,000 to 240,000 years, emphasizing, that the set of people are the black Southern Sudanese dating 100,000 to 150,000 years with genetic HAP 10 groupĀ  L2 and the third in every other black person 70,000 to 100,000 years to genetic haplo group L3.
According to him, the white people date back only 6000 to 7000 years and they are of N and M haplo groups as it is lmpossible for any white man to be an ancient Jew.
and revealed that the people in Israel are descendants of Jewish converts that lived together with Igbo people of the Ancient Kagan Empire and were called the black khazar and the white khazar who returned back to Igboland about 900 Ad as the present Aguleri people.
Speaking further, he noted that the Kagan empire are the most powerful empire on earth that defeated the imagined white empires after they overthrew the other Igbo empires as Europe, England (Nga ala n’ide) meaning – Isolated land by the river side, Scotland (Ese Kota ala n’ide) meaning – small Ireland by the river, Ireland ( ire ala n’ide) meaning – tongue like land by the river side, Wales (owa ala ose) meaning – channel land by the river front, France (o fere ana ose) meaning – goes over to the mediterrean sea, America (Eme ri kota) meaning – United people, China (chi ala) meaning – land of daylight or God’s land, Japan (iji pa ana) meaning – flood water carrying the land and maintained, that Igbo people ruled everywhere and civilized the entire world, built the pyramid and began
human civilization disclosing that all these accounts are given in the book “Igbo Mediators of Yahweh, Culture of Life.
He thereby, called on Igbo people to rediscover their great path in order to move ahead with the future and equally, call on the state government to work with him and other scientists to mark the great ancient city of Jerusalem (iyi eru selam) meaning – evil should not touch me and as he assured the people that very soon, the truth will be uncovered to the entire world and the Igbos would take their true place in the history of humanity.