Youths of Old Road Nekede has beaten up a young girl for stealing clothes belonging to an unidentified lady and resident of Nekede town.

The incident which occurred during the weekend drew the attention of residents from far and near the neighbourhood watching the pilferer being publicly disgraced by youths.

Owner of the stolen clothes who spoke to Imo Trumpeta on condition of anonymity said she has always looked for her clothes whenever she spreads them as five clothes are no where to be found.

She disclosed that she cut the thief early in the morning when she was washing out dirt from the parker behind her compound.

“The moment I saw my cloth on the body of the pilferer, it caught my eyes, then I quickly noticed that the clothe is mine” she said.

She also stressed that she held the young girl tenaciously, demanding that she removed the clothe and hand it over to her until the elder brother of the young thief humbly begged her not to disgrace her sister on the road while promising that she will remove the clothe immediately she gets home.


One of the unidentified residents who lives with the owner of the clothe told Imo Trumpeta that the young girl in question lives adjacent their compound and normally visits her boyfriend who happens to be their neighbour.

The informant remarked that each time the young girl comes to their house, she pretends as if she only intends to see her boyfriend not knowing that she watches the owner of the clothes whenever she spreads them outside.

However, when the youths were informed about the incidents by one of the neighbours living in the same compounds, two of them rushed down to the house of the young thief and flogged her mercilessly, while demanding that she provides the five clothes she had stolen, which she complied.

Imo Trumpeta learnt that the youths had earlier resolved to strip her naked while making her carry a bag of clothes on her head as they intended to parade her round Nekede town for the public to view her but later relented due to passionate appeals by the family as well as neighbours.

The youths also demanded that the young girl who is an applicant turned thief pays the fine of N10,000 before she could be freed, adding that failure to comply with the demand will land her in prison.

The young girl now has her face wrapped up in shame as she could no longer walk beyond her vicinity for fear of being made an object of caricature by her peers and people.