Uzodinma’s New Election Plan Unsettles Okorocha’s LGA Chairmen

LGA chairmen and councilors elected during the era of Owelle Rochas Okorocha as governor of Imo State are now at crossroads at the moment following the refusal of the state governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma to reinstate them.
Hope had risen for the chairmen who were suspended and kept out of office by the Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha government in the past seven months. Ihedioha who was sworn-in on May 29, 2019 had removed the chairmen and councilors through the instrument of the House of Assembly.
But the coming of Uzodinma resuscitated hope of return to the embattled chairmen and councilors who had wanted to rely on Ekiti State matter judged by the Supreme Court for a comeback.
It would be recalled that the effected officials had attempted to regain the councils before they were warded off two weeks ago.
When Uzodinma assumed, the same officials joined to congratulate him and moved to regain their offices on Monday. Trumpeta learnt the chairmen and councilors were brandishing a purported letter from the Attorney General of the federation to the State Commissioner of Justice as well as IG of Police signal to the state command to allow the chairmen gain access.
The chairmen were also spotted at the Hero’s square venue of the pro Uzodinma rally on Monday during support to the APC Congress.
However, Uzodinma turned his back at them by refusing to allow them enter the council secretariats. Apart from asking the DAGS to take over affairs, the new governor showed intention to hold LGA elections soon.
In his maiden broadcast to the people of the state, Uzodinma who promised to restore the autonomy and integrity of the LGA said that a new LGA election will be held soon. Though, no date was given, but the speech threw the chairmen and councilors off balance as their hopes had been dashed.
Trumpeta learnt that majority of the suspended chairmen who had hoped for a return are devastated as the new Governor couldn’t accommodate their feelings.
They felt since it was an APC government, they will be allowed to come on board.
Furthermore, the euphoria that heralded Uzodinma’s victory in their camp has died thereby putting them in lanbo. While some are willing to continue to give their support, others are downcast over what the new governor has in stock for them.
Meanwhile, reasons why they Okorocha LGA officials were turned down have been uncovered.
According to the newspaper findings, apart from trying to create a support base for his political machinery, the position of autonomous communities councilor was cited as reason to do away with them. Instead of using the INEC electoral wards, autonomous communities was adopted by Okorocha in 2018 for the organization of the councillorship election.
In a similar development, compilation of names for the new Transition Committee of the LGAs is being done as at press time and announcement due any moment.
Trumpeta learnt that the compilation going on has members of the camp Hope; the campaign outfit of the governor favoured for positions.