PDP’s Demand for Ihedioha’s Reinstatement, A Joke Taken Too Far – Kelechi Nwagwu

The truth of the matter is that Hon Emeka Ihedioha didn’t win the March 9 2019 governorship election. He’s a very lucky man to have occupied the Douglas house unmerited and undeserved
Very lucky man, with a lucky wife who has enjoyed Imo women’s August meetings. What undeserving honour
It’s a big shame for some innocent Imo people to be cajoled into unintended march in the name of protest.  Grapevine information is the innocent protester were not informed in advance that they were coming for a protest.
We shall commend and support His Excellency, Sen Hope Uzodinma for saving Ndi Imo from Rochas and co. I salute his tireless leadership qualities and exemplary approach to governance. Only a good man like Sen Hope can continue from where Ihedioha stopped. Contractors engaged by Ihedioha are allowed to continue their jobs. That shows that the governor is only concerned with the wellbeing of Imo people and its visitors.
Those clamouring for Ihedioha’s return are dwelling in fools paradise as it’s like a camel passing through an eye of the needle.  Governor of Imo Sen Hope will completely transform the state and chart a future for our generation unborn.
On the local government councils administration, His Excellency Hope Uzodinma will evenly develop the nooks and crannies of all the local governments.
I can assure you that in two years time Imo state will be the Dubai of Nigeria.
To my Owerri zone people, we should queue behind the digital governor to partake in the goodies and development manner about to happen in the state. We should eschew sentiments any Imo man or woman is qualified to govern the state especially those that possess Uzodinma’s incorruptible, non primitive acquisition traits and lover of mankind.
We the leaders of Owerri begged Uzodinma to come and rescue us from Rochas and we thank God our efforts paid off. Our people should trust me and believe that Uzodinma will be governor for all Ndi Imo. He posed to deliver democracy dividends to our people.  Just watch and see.
APC Federal government has welcomed our governor with open hands and will support him beyond comprehension.  Imo is on the match. Owerri zone should join other zones in the state to support and pray for the success of our governor and forget about one man vaulting interest and ambition.
We should thank God for giving us Hope.