Season of jollification in Imo


Two major events of note and of great significance that took place inImoStateforced me to pause and ponder.

There were two social events in the State that shook the eastern heartland to its foundation. If I must borrow the words of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, it was an owambe(party) of extraordinary size and proportion.

The Ota farmer had during his 8 year reign as President described the birthday bash of Nigeria’ big boy in the UK, Terry Waya as owambe. The then President was furious that over 10 State Governors and distinguished senators that left the country under the pretext of  searching for foreign investment abroad for their various States ended up in Waya’s London  expansive mansion frolicking with women of easy virtue.

However, what took place in the State cannot be likened to Obasanjo’s definition of a birthday bash. It was celebration of life and there was cause for merriment.  It was time for jollification!

The first birthday that took place in the State was the 80th birthday ceremony of the mother of the Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha. As number six citizen of the country, no one expected Lilliputians or nonentities to grace Ihedioha’s mother’s birthday.  That who is who inNigeria graced the epoch making ceremony is no news, what is the gist is that the event had serious political undertones which a good political seer will readily provide an answer.

A curious political observer who witnessed Ihedioha’s mum’s event quickly said it was beyond a mere birthday. According to him, Ihedioha used the event to send some political signals.   It was a signal of what to expect in 2015. I tried to decipher from his analysis how a birthday could be likened to a political signal, I could not.  Rather what flicked through my medulla oblongata was that the deputy Speaker, as a good and vibrant politician, used the event to show his political strength and clout.

The other event of great significant importance was the 50th birthday celebration of Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. A colleague of mine who writes for the Lagos- Ibadan press who came into the State to witness Okorocha’s birthday said it was a well deserved celebration.  Not done yet, he painted our dear Owelle in glowing colours, describing him as a charismatic leader cut out for the onerous task and responsibility associated with governance. From his postulations, I concluded that he is among the many Imolites outside the shores of the State who sees the Governor as a messiah.

I tried to explain to my colleague the different colouration in the two events. The other was attended by who is who in the country drawn from the political, economic and social class while the other was mainly attended by local politicians and foot soldiers of the celebrant. The only similarities in the events were that it afforded the duo the platform to make one or two internal assessments, politically.  And because both can be said to harbour political ambitions in the near future, the birthday ceremonies was a good platform to score some political points.

For those who have followed the political train in the State, the two events came at a timeImoStateis in political limbo. In other words, it came at a time so much fuss has been made over several issues.  A time political despondency has enveloped the political landscape. It was an event that afforded the elite class in the State the opportunity to exchange banters and pop champagne.   It was a time for celebration, a break from political hustle and bustle, a break from legislative and executive work load.

The two events came at a period, legal or political fireworks are gradually overheating the political temperature of the State. It was a time for ceasefire from political hostilities from several political fronts. If the Local Government Chairmen were not firing on all cylinders, accusing the Governor of one wrong doing or the other, the law Courts in Owerri were busy trashing out the legal war launched by Senator Ifeanyi Araraume against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) challenging the validity of the Supplementary election that catapulted Owelle Rochas Okorocha as Governor, Imo State.

Therefore, the birthdays offered a relief and a temporary relieve not only to political gladiators in the State, but stakeholders including journalists who have something anew to write on.  For a long time, our pen have flowed ceaselessly, writing on one political face off or the other in the State. If we are not reporting on APGA’s alarm that the presidency wants Okorocha out of office, we will be reporting on PDP’s allegation that the State Government wants to divert funds embedded in bonds handed over to it by the Ikedi Ohakim Administration.

That has been the scenario obtained in the State. It is a place where week in, week out, politicians are exhibiting one political show or drama.ImoStateis a big political stage made up of interesting and exciting political actors, actresses and comedians alike. It is a State where politicians never go to sleep. They are always awake, alert and ready to kick.

This is why the two major events in the State is a good omen. It calmed the frayed nerves of our politicians and for the first time it provided a window of opportunity for Imo politicians to unwind a bit.  I mean it gave them that needed opportunity to click glasses and pop champagne.

However, I had wished that it would have been of immense significance to the people of the State if the calibre and quality of eminent Nigerians that graced the two events had come to the State for either an economic or development summit- a summit that will assist us chart the way forward for the development of our dear State. Or simply put a summit that will offer Imo politicians the opportunity to meet and brainstorm on the way forward for the State. What I will call an All Imo Politicians summit where issues that have torn the State apart will be amicably resolved- a conference of men and women in the State that will put aside their political grievances and leanings and come together for the good of the State. If only wishes could be bed of roses!


NB: May I thank my numerous readers, particularly contributors who followed me on www. innocentonyeukwu.blogspot. com, colleagues and staffers of Imo Trumpeta for their exceptional support and encouragement during my time of pain recently. You are diamonds that shine forever! Takia.