Nguru/Umuowa: Community Declares Ezeship Throne Vacant


Following the demise of Eze A.A. Unanka in 2019, form Umuaga Nguru town who reigned for 41 years, the Eze-in-Council in their meeting on Sunday January 10th, 2021 with Eze Okoro of Upe Autonomous Community, and Chairman, Ngor-Okpala L.G.A Council of Nde Eze in attendance, officially declared the Ezeship throne vacant.
Declaring the Ezeship seat vacant, the Chairman, Ngor-Okpala L.G.A Council of Nde Eze urged interested candidates to start their campaign where necessary, noting that the Eze-in-Council will soon release guidelines for the Ezeship election.
CBC Ekeopara of Nguru/Umuowa Progressive Movement, Worldwide, the god father of Umuowa Ezeship turn movement, the Ayim and Atakata 1 commended the Nguru/Umuowa Eze-in-Council and Chairman Ngor-Okpala L.G.A Council of Nde Eze for officially declaring the throne vacant.
He then calls on interested Umuowa indigenes to release their campaign posters without further delays while awaiting the screening guidelines.
Ekeopara further noted that Nguru town has taken their turn for over Forty-One years (41) via Eze A.A. Unanka.
The Traditional Prime Minister (TPM) Barrister Austin Aguguo from Eziala Nguru, was officially appointed to steer the affairs of Nguru/Umuowa Autonomous Community till the new Eze emerges.
Others in attendance includes; Mr. Innocent Osuji (The Eze-in Council Secretary form Umuowa Town), Nze Maurice Ejim (from Umuowa), Nze Henry Opara (Umuowa), Isaac Nze (President-General, Umuowa Development Union), Chief Goddy Akagha (from Umuowa); President-General of Nguru Development Union Mr. Peter Okereafor, Nze Hyacinth Nkwocha (from Nguru), Chief Richard Ujunwa (from Nguru), Professor Onyewuenyi (from Nguru), etc and the Obilo-Obis.
Meanwhile, Equity must prevail, CBC Ekeopara asserted.