Imo: Removing Politics From Insecurity


By Henry Ekpe

The Government of Imo State headed by Senator Hope Uzodinma has been saddled with seeking ways of returning eternal peace in Imo State.
Since Easter Monday some hoodlums stormed Imo State Police Headquarters, and Prison Yard Owerri and released some felons numbering over One Thousand, Eight Hundred (1,800), Imo people have been living in apprehension with assurances from Government that things will return to normal.
While the State was gradually regaining its confidence, hoodlums again invaded Orji, Owerri North LGA, near Owerri to cause mayhem, but met resistance from security operatives who arrived the scene to avert further damages.
Imo had been peaceful before as the masses are not used to the current life of insecurity.
However, it is beginning to sink into the masses that things are not smooth as it used to be in the State security wise and therefore should be more careful.
It shocked everybody, including taking the Government unawares, when the hoodlums first struck the State capital in April.
But with how the Orji incident was contained, even though some casualties were still recorded, it shows that both the Government and the Security Personnel are sitting up.
I also believe that by now, the Government which has all the mechanism to gather intelligence reports must have known the source of the insurgency which does no one any good.
While that of Easter Monday took place in the dead of the night, that of Orji attempt happened in broad day light that even passersby saw the Miscreants carrying out the heinous activities.
The criminals may call themselves, “Unknown Gunmen” but the masses by now have known that the people carrying out these evil acts are human beings and they are not spirits, only that they cowardly cover their faces.
I strongly believe that Imo populace who had thought that the insecurity in the State was one-off thing have since realized that it has become an issue which concerns all inhabitants of Imo State, devoid of creed, and political leanings.
Already, without much ado, the Imo populace have mastered how to live their lives and comply with the vagaries of the present situation.
This is to say that Imo people in their own way are contributing their little quota to defeating insecurity in the State.
Insecurity, anywhere in the world affects all the sectors of the society. Today in Owerri and some other parts of the State, those whose businesses blossom around night hours have suddenly adjusted to the circumstances. No more Business.
Even those whose means of livelihood are in the day time have also adopted to the situation in hand, all in a bid to be cautions and wish things will return to normal.
Therefore, it is only a fool who will rejoice in the face of the unfortunate situation that has visited Imo State.
Insecurity does not know a Government Appointee, Medical Doctor, Journalist, Priest, even the Security Personnel themselves too.
So, while it is the major assignment of the Government, and security organizations to work for the protection of lives and property, it is also the duty of the masses to live according to the rules and stay out of trouble.
Therefore, in the case of Imo State, it is only those with the expertise and saddled with the responsibilities on the matter that can say anything about the situation. Security matter is not a thing of all comers, as it is for the professionals charged with the job.
Therefore, making unguarded statements without approval from the appropriate quarters can thwart efforts of those working hard to end the mayhem.
In a situation of insecurity, commentators also must be guided, in order not to work against the strategy of those on top of the situation.
But unfortunately a dangerous dimension is gradually setting into the Imo situation, which should be halted before it escalates the already confused environment.
Some Imo Professional Hack Writers, who are well known to be hired machineries, are inadvertently trying to trivialize the serious matter in pursuit of personal gains by hitting up the polity in trying to impress their Principals
These known writers had worked for every administration in Imo State, since the Gov Ikedi Ohakim administration till date.
All they do is to be available for causing crisis. After having been used to perpetuate collateral damages to both their employer and their target they move to the next meal without qualms.
Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma since the inception of the insecurity in Imo State, has continued to say that it was triggered by “Political Interests”.
But the Governor has not yet mentioned anybody as the alleged “Politician(s)” who are behind the crisis.
He maintained that it is left for the security agencies to fish out the culprits.
But it was rather an Uzodinma aide, who went as far as mentioning a former Imo State Governor, even when his Principal could not go that length.
Unfortunately, that former Governor has not been invited for questioning uptil now. Unless we assume that the Security Agencies are still digging on him.
Just yesterday, another well known “Machinery and Media Insurgent”, claimed to be working for the Government, even though without any designation, posted a release where he asked Security Agencies to question another former Governor of Imo State on the insecurity in the State.
Such reckless act will only cause more problems than save the situation. The reason is that the fellow who raised such serious allegation has no reason to do so since he is not the Security Operatives that ought to do that. Even if he has his facts, the best option would have been go to the appropriate quarters with his information, and not to throw it into public domain. In this case, it is suspicious. I suspect that these Media Urchins known for their Devil advocacy who have not been getting anything since the insecurity started want to divert the matter to the Media Front from they can have free cash by hook winking their patrons.
Even some politicians who are suspecting they may not be reappointed by Governor Uzodinma, and those who want new jobs, are eager and ready to move the insecurity issue a bit further so that they can gain attention through Media sycophancy.
Unfortunately for these Media Merchants, Security issues are serious matter, and not for media hype and celebration.
Are these Hell Raisers equipped with their facts to defend such allegations when called upon? Imo State should maximize its good will and curb hatred among its citizens than engaging in propaganda now.
An issue of this magnitude in Imo State is not what Little Minds, whose only power is that they have access to phones should been raising weighty allegations that can compound issues at this crucial period in our State.
That a former Governor, or former Senior Government Appointee kept quiet in the face of the insecurity we have in Imo is an option, because you never know the damage one may cause in changing the course of the strategists with reckless Talks.
Even though we are in a Democracy, there are certain subjects one do not delve into, because they are exclusive for the experts of that field to deal with.
What will solve Imo State problem now is not for every Dick, Tom and Harry to be granting Press Interviews on the insecurity in the State, or even place advertorials for the Governor for curbing the problem.
So far, Police have arrested suspects, including prosecuting them, who by Law remain innocent, until pronounced guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction.
Therefore, Government will do well to rein in these Agent Provocateurs who believe their only sources of income is to cause trouble and then earn livings in times of crisis.
Security Agents should be left alone to do their jobs, by leaving politics out of the insecurity matter in the State by name calling, or finger pointing.
Usurping the job of Security Agents due to greed, or quest for easy lucre will complicate the insecurity problem in Imo State.
It is therefore, pertinent that Government should warn those trading in fake information against perceived enemies in the State at this crucial period, and allow Security Agents do their jobs.