Imo APC Leaders Back To Trenches In Abuja Over Ward Congress


The battle for who controls the structure of the APC in Imo State through the production of Ward Exco members has resumed in Abuja.
Imo State was one of the states where APC help party Congress to elect a new Exco
Our correspondents who monitored the program reported last Saturday noticed that parallel congresses were held which produced multiple persons as Ward Excos.
Apart from the emergeance of divergent lists purported to have emerged from the exercise, Ward and LGA leaders were pitched against each other in the ensuing supremacy battle to the extent that the governor had to intervene in some cases despite advising the stakeholders to ensure there is fairness and harmonization of the list where necessary.
Trumpeta has however learnt that after the collation of the results of the Ward results by the electoral offices, the battle has been moved to Abuja.
It was learnt that majority of the stakeholders who do not want to be left out and unwilling to be schemed out have transferred the battle field for the final phase of the fight.
According to Trumpeta findings, leaders encountering challenges concerning list have moved to Abuja for a follow-up on the list.
Apparently aware that Abuja would produce the final and authentic list of the Ward Excos ahead that of the LGA Congress, struggle to conquer is being replayed at the party office in Abuja where the main action is in.
Our Abuja correspondent, Thompson Agu, who has been monitoring situation report at the national officer noticed influx of the party chieftains from Imo into the complex to inquire about the final list.
The party chieftains are also said to be making frantic efforts to reach out to national figures including the presidency to ensure they carry the day.