Imolites Begin To Relax On Monday’s Sit-At-Home Order .As Banks, Shops Open For Services


The drastic commitment that trails the Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra, IPOB’s Sit-At-Home Order in the five States of Southeast, including Imo State, seems to be slacking among the populace, as the strict order was not followed last Monday, September 13, 2021 to the letter.
According to Trumpeta Reporters who roved around the State capital Owerri, unlike before Banks, Filling Stations, and some other business outlets opened for skeleton business and the citizens ventured out to eke out their livings.
However, where the Sit-At-Home measures was obeyed to order, was in the rural areas, where markets and other activities were shut down to obey the now ritual of the “Monday-Monday” sit-at-home decreed by the IPOB in the Southeast States.
Although those who tried to come out of their homes moved around in fear, they still carried out some activities, especially the search of Petrol products which have become a scarce product in Imo State.
Meanwhile, there was a group of men and women marching across the streets and roads in Owerri Municipality in solidarity with the State Government and emploring the citizens to come out and do their normal business without fear.
Unfortunately, even though the Group was marching in solidarity with the Government, those who saw them took to their heels for the fear of the unknown as they did not know if those boldly marching on the streets on a sit-at-home day were of Government or IPOB.
This scenario created tension around Wethral Road, Owerri, before the masses could identify the marchers as those in support to Imo State Government.
However, the scenario could not help the situation as some people were struck with fear and scurried into their homes to take cover.
Meanwhile despite the presence of security agencies, those who made use of Banks were doing so with apprehension, as the fear of the unknown pervaded the atmosphere.
Most of those who spoke to Trumpeta lamented that the sit-at-home issue is affecting the personal businesses of Ndigbo, known for their     Enterprise, and called for sit-at-homes only the days Nnamdi Kanu is appearing in Court alleging that the Monday sit-at-homes is collapsing Igbo Economy.
“This Monday, Monday Sit-At-Home is destroying Igbo Economy. It is not the best strategy for IPOB” Chief Goodnews Okoro told Trumpeta.