Manufactures Association of Nigeria held a one day sensitization forum on fostering private sector participating in policy making through taxation reform. The forum was held at All Seasons Hotel, Owerri. In the welcome address presented by Dr Frank S . U Jacobs, vice president (Enugu zone) of MAN, he said that the incidence of multiple taxation is reported to be on the increase from year to year with the introduction of new taxes / levies all the time by various tiers of government. Dr Jacobs said that the aim of the forum is to enlighten the citizens on the negative impact of multiple taxation on businesses, economic activities and the country as a whole.

In a taxation review by Dr Ujunwa Augustine, condemned the multiple taxation by different organs of the government and recommended to identifying necessary changes to existing tax rules as well as the strengths and weakness of tax proposals applicable to the internet and e – commerce, amongst other recommendations.

Majority of the participants accused the state government and police with other different faction of tax collectors of forcing businesses to shut down or relocate to other countries where the environment is more conducive. One of them is Mr Onuoha Martins representing Hotels in Imo state and also an internal auditor of Legends Hotels said that the multiple taxation is bad and delay their deliverance of goods. He cited of Entraco which has different means of taxing hotels heavily. He suggested that these state bodies that collect tax should fashion a way of getting revenue to avoid hotels in Imo state relocating to states that tax fairly.

The Chairman in closing remarks said that MAN in Imo state is suffering from this multiple taxation and urge the govt to critically solve this problem and thereby promote development in the state. He finally urged journalists to help spread this news to the public