NNPC Board Chair: I Didn’t Stop Araraume, Says President Obasanjo


The postponed inauguration of the NNPC Board, Imo State born politician, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume has been nominated as Board Chairman is causing ripples with former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo coming out to wash his hands off the shift of the program.

Araraume was appointed weeks ago and date slated for the inauguration. Surprisingly, while arrangements by the concerned board members had been put in place, announcement from the Presidency came in to stop the exercise.

Moments later, there were several speculations posited in the public that led to the stoppage. One of such unfounded stories that are on in the social media related to the former President.

But in a swift reaction, Obasanjo denied involvement. According to a statement by the lawyer, Dr Tunji Abayomi, Obasanjo denied involvement.

Speaking on what he called attempts by “political busybodies” to use his name to raise issues against the appointment of Senator Araraume as NNPC Chairman, Obasanjo described the claim as “false and untrue”.

He pointed out that there was no iota of truth in the stories in some sections of social media.

Though the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, had explained that the inauguration would be held on a later date, there have been claims on social media that Obasanjo moved against Araraume and also influenced President Buhari to order the suspension of the inauguration because of past misunderstanding between Obasanjo and Araraume.

The reports had claimed that Obasanjo had vowed that he would ensure that Araraume never achieves anything in Nigerian politics.

However, in the statement, Dr Abayomi said that Obasanjo was preoccupied presently with efforts to better the lots of Nigerians locally, internationally, economically and therefore had no time for frivolities.

Dr Abayomi further explained that whatever misunderstanding between Araraume and Obasanjo in the past was over and that the duo had been in touch with each other and would continue to do so in the interest of the country.

Abayomi then warned against attempts by certain individuals to drag Obasanjo into the conflict in Imo State politics.

He described Araraume as an astute businessman and leader who would certainly handle the NNPC well.