Primaries: Top APC, PDP Aspirants Eye APGA, ACCORD As Option B


Even as primaries for parties to pick candidates for next year’s elections are yet to start  in all the parties a new wave of political cross carpeting is  about to be  witnessed in Imo State at the moment.

After observing good number of aspirants who showed interest, the major political parties in the state are about losing some of their members to the lesser fancied ones.

In Imo, APC and PDP, unarguably are the major parties parading good numbers of aspirants for each of the positions slated for the 2023 general elections.

Trumpeta learnt that some of the politicians seeking elective positions in PDP and APC having seen the handwriting on the wall about the bleak future facing them if they continue their aspirations in the respective parties are beginning to change their platform for 2023 elections.

One of those who had earlier hinted on decision to represent Owerri zone, Mike Nwachukwu appears to have commenced the more by ditching  APC for Accord party  while a top notch of the PDP for Owerri zone seat (names withheld) is reported to be hobnobbing APGA for their ticket. The issue of the candidate joining APGA has been causing problem between the aspirants supporters and another contender.

A visit to APGA and Accord offices in  Owerri, the state  capital gave hint of private discussion between the parties and those willing to move to come and pick their tickets for next year’s election.

The movement to Accord and APGA, from what Trumpeta further gathered would be a last minute game plan before the INEC closes dates  for submission of candidates by parties.

Signing on with lesser parties for the 2023 election, according to information Trumpeta stumbled into lately  is the Option B plan of aspirants not sure of grabbing the tickets of their favourite parties.