The legendary Emerson Fittipaldi


There have been many Brazilians who have been quite successful in Formula 1 and other motorsports. The online bookmaker allows punters to wager on the best exponents of this discipline.

Probably the most illustrious name in this regard is Ayrton Senna. However, before him, there was another Brazilian who also had incredible success in this discipline. We are talking about Emerson Fittipaldi. He competed on many motorsports, and the 1xBet online bookmaker is the best website to wager on them.

Lots of disciplines

Although Fittipaldi is the most famous due to his legendary feats at Formula 1, he was also extremely successful in the Indianapolis 500 and Formula 2. In general, it can be stated that he was quite versatile when it came to competing in various disciplines. At this moment 1xBet for iPhone is available, and punters can use this app to wager on all these disciplines.

In Formula 1 terms, Emerson Fittipaldi joined the competition in 1970, and ran on various squads until his retirement in 1980. The teams for which he competed were:

  • Lotus;
  • McLaren;
  • and Fittipaldi Automotive.

The latter team was owned by his brother, Wilson Fittipaldi. The 1xBet app for iPhone is available, and punters can employ it to wager on the best Formula 1 squads that exist.

The youngest ever Formula 1 champion

During the decade that Fittipaldi competed in Formula 1, he won the Drivers’ Championship on two separate occasions. The first title of the Brazilian occurred in 1972. At that moment he was part of the Lotus team. The best betting site for live streaming can also be used in order to wager on who is likely to win the Drivers’ Championship.

It is worth noting that Fittipaldi was only 25 years old at the moment when he claimed his first title. This made him the youngest winner of the championship at the time. In fact, this record stood in place for more than three decades, which speaks a lot about how difficult it is for younger drivers to get a title of this kind.

In 1974, Emerson Fittipaldi was hired by McLaren. His spell at the English squad worked amazingly, as with them he was able to win his second Drivers’ Championship. While many people thought that the Brazilian would continue winning titles, he took a seemingly inexplicable decision. The best betting site for live streaming is 1xBet, and punters can use it to see how different Formula 1 teams are performing.

Specifically, in 1976 he decided to change squad once again. This time he joined Fittipaldi Automotive. This team wasn’t really competitive, and as a result, his performances dropped considerably. Still, Emerson Fittipaldi is remembered as one of the best Brazilians who ever participated in Formula 1.