The defunct ECW


There are many acronyms called ECW in professional wrestling. The website 1xBet provides online betting on many instances of this sport to fans from all over the world. During the 1990s, ECW meant Extreme Championship Wrestling. This was a wrestling organization completely separate from the WWE. However, in 2003, the latter decided to acquire the former, which basically resulted in its absorption.

However, in 2006 it was decided to revive the ECW, this time as a new brand within the WWE. The 1xBet website provides online betting on some great brands provided by the WWE. Under the franchise, the ECW was a weekly television show that was broadcast alongside Raw and SmackDown. Also, these three brands even exchanged wrestlers on a few occasions.

An important brand expansion

The WWE has expanded itself on various occasions. Football is another sport that is great to wager alongside the WWE, and is the perfect website to do exactly that.

A new expansion took place in 2006, and this was the perfect occasion to reintroduce the ECW. Some interesting wrestlers joined the ranks of the WWE in this occasion, such as:

  • Paul Heyman;
  • Rob Van Dam;
  • and Kurt Angle.

Despite being already part of the WWE, the ECW brand continued performing with rules of its own. However, slowly but steadily, it started to become more standard with the other brands that were part of the WWE. All these brands are featured on the 1xBet online bookmaker, which all punters can visit right now and place wagers on their preferred wrestlers.

Dissolution and championships

By 2009, there were some hints that the continuation of the ECW was not assured. One of these hints was that the talent exchange between it and other brands was stopped. Finally, in 2010, it was officially announced that the ECW would be discontinued. All its wrestlers would be assigned to other brands. When going to the excellent WWE betting websites – 1xBet bookmaker features great wagers on all events offered by all these brands.

During its brief existence the ECW offered some entertaining championships. The most important one was the ECW Championship itself, which could be won by any member of this brand. The top performers of the ECW would also face top wrestlers from the other brands in order to determine the overall WWE Champion.

Also, those who participated in the ECW could become a winner in the World Tag and WWE Tag Team Championship. The WWE betting websites offered by the 1xBet bookmaker also offer great wagers when these instances are being celebrated.


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