Uzodinma Appointees In Trouble Over Allegations Of Double-Loyalty


By Okey Alozie

There are indications that good number of Imo State Government Appointees working under the Government of Senator Hope Uzodinma may face sack soon.

It has been alleged that few months to the general election, some appointees serving under Senator Hope Uzodinma have chosen use their various offices to work against  the incumbent governor.

Our source revealed that in the day time these politicians who are into double dealings pretend to be with Uzodinma but in the night especially when the Governor departs for his frequent Abuja trips they will switch over to the opposition Groups to work against the Governor, we were told.

These double standard politicians whose names are withheld for obvious reason work secretly with the opposition group.

A source revealed that these politicians have made arrangements to share votes with the opposition parties in the upcoming general election.

In the said agreement as we were told only few political positions will go to APC in Imo State while the rest positions will be given to candidates from the opposition parties.

These powerful politicians are closed to Governor Uzodinma but along the line they are empowering some of their family members in other parties outside APC.

Information revealed that the so Double standard politicians bough tickets  for their family members to contest the election against APC and now that the elections are about to start, they have started working secretly to make sure that they deliver those they are sponsoring.

The Governor as our source revealed,  is now aware of what is happening. In order to be on the safe side, Governor Uzodinma is likely to reshuffle his cabinet again and drop the Necodemus politicians who visit opposition parties in the night and come for APC in the day time to sing praises.

Before the end of November 2022 as we gathered, Uzodinma will reshuffle his cabinet and inject new blood into the system who will serve as his first eleven team for the general elections.

The Double standard politicians will be shown the way out delay, it was learnt.