Egbelu Ebube Community Warns Monarch


The people of Egbelu Obube community in Owerri North LGA Imo State over the weekend issued a very strong warning to the Traditional Ruler of Ngwoma Obube, HRH Eze Dr Andrew Onukogu over his acts of provocations as it was discovered that he sent Ngwoma vigilante men to Egbelu Obube for the purpose of teaming up with local elements to repel any attempt by Police to arrest wanted hoodlums.

 Speaking through their Traditional Prime Minister, Okenze Dr George Nkwoji, the community frowned at the alleged action of Eze Onukogu which they claimed was a clear case of aiding and abetting crime in another community. According to Okenze Nkwoji, the Police commenced mop-up operations last week to apprehend those suspected in the attempt to murder him on 11th February but were able to arrest only two. As lawless people, instead of submitting themselves to Police investigation, the remaining suspects ran to Eze Onukogu for protection and he allowed the vigilante of his community to be keeping vigil in Egbelu Obube to team up with the wanted suspects in their determination to resist further arrests. This act of conspiracy and interference Nkwoji said almost resulted in a bloody clash when the vigilante on patrol confronted the suspects in the early hours of Thursday last week and some of them were identified.

Lending his voice to the development, the Traditional Ruler of Egbelu Obube, HRH Eze JC Nwaogu who is also the Chairman of the Traditional Institution in Owerri North LGAas well as the Secretary in Owerri Zone said that criminals must bear the consequences of their crimes, adding “we are also gradually identifying those people who aide and abate crime in our community”. Speaking further, Eze Nwaogu warned that those people involved in the attack on Okenze George Nkwoji, destruction of his house and cars should not misinterpret the legal disposition in dealing with the lawlessness as a weakness. According to him, “We are exercising patience because we want the law to take its full course”.

Eze Nwaogu said that the people of Ngwoma and their town Union should rise up against the unholy alliance between their traditional Ruler and the dissidents before they cause trouble between the two communities and added that any mercenary caught in Egbelu Obube will be dealt with as a criminal and handed to the appropriate authorities.

It will be recalled that for his insistence on law and order in Umuchoko village, some villagers invaded the house of Okenze George Nkwoji in the midnight of Friday 11th February 2022 and destroyed his house and his Armada jeep. They took him hostage to the bush to kill him if not for the timely intervention by some brave youths who rescued him from captivity. They inflicted extensive injuries on him and he was flown to Lagos where he was treated including going through brain surgery.