The Imo PDP “Roforofo” And Monkey Business


By Henry Ekpe

Presently, there is a stage-managed crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Imo State chapter. Since the emergence of Governor Hope Uzodinma of the All Progressive Congress, APC as the Governor of Imo State on December 14, 2020, the Imo PDP has been witnessing instigated trials.

In the first place, the PDP in Imo State has remained the major Opposition Party in the State, working for the masses, by keeping the incumbent APC Government in check.

Therefore, to demolish everything opposition, has remained a focal project of the APC administration in the State. And of course in politics, every sitting Government in the world panic over challenges posed by the opposition, and therefore does  everything possible to eliminate the opposition.

Indeed, despite losing power in Imo State since 2011, the PDP has remained strong and that  baffles every Government in Imo State how the party had continued to survive, retain its teeming members, even when not  in a position to dish out freebies.

The Government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha tried all it could  do to diminish PDP in Imo for eight years, still it was the party that derailed his plot to hand over Imo State to a family member as his successor.

If not for PDP and their candidate, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, Senator Okorocha would have succeeded in handing over power to the youthful Chief Uche Nwosu of Action Alliance AA, as his successor.

Therefore it is not strange that in the present crisis rocking Imo PDP, some elements, “Imported” into PDP with others laying claim to be loyal members and in love with  Imo PDP, are those stoking the embers of discord within the party now.

After many PDP members had joined Imo APC, and some given political appointments to assuage them, it has remained a mystery to Imo State Government led by Senator Hope Uzodinma why Imo PDP still stands strong.

The Uzodinma Government had poached those they thought were the Imo PDP Media Avatars  (Ogubundu Nwadike and Ambrose Nwaogwugwu) yet that could not deter the party’s Media Branch.

Therefore, the latest approach by the APC and Governor Uzodinma is to infiltrate the State Working Committee SWC of PDP and cause crisis within Imo PDP, so that while PDP is struggling to put her house in order, the elections would have approached, and APC will clean the stakes.

This was the reason the LGA Chairmen, who also are  members of the State Expanded Executive could call for the dissolution of  the SWC, which they are part of. This matter was what took the entire Imo PDP to Wada Plaza Headquarter, Abuja this week to meet the National Chairman, Senator Iyochia Ayu, who ironically is facing the same challenge from the Governor Nyesom Wike Group who wants him sacked.

Why the LGA Chairmen did not exhaust the matter internally in Imo State, before taking it to National level beats the mind.

It is even shocking that the party’s Elders Council joined hand in the vexatious development, without as Elders, using their Wisdom to settle whatever was the issue within the State before taking it to National space.

However, it must be noted that whoever is calling for the dissolution of Imo PDP State Working Committee, three months away to four crucial elections, does not like Imo PDP.

In the first place, there are internal mechanisms of settling such matters. Did the  LGA Chairmen and the Elders ever exploited the routes of fair hearing before leaving Imo State for Abuja?

Again, if Imo PDP should dissolve the SWC and “appoint” a Caretaker Committee, how and when would the Caretaker Committee study the Imo political terrain, settle down in office, probably begin to review some actions taken by the duly elected Executive and prepare the party for the elections just months away?

These are questions meant for anyone who has Imo PDP at heart. These are question those calling for the destruction of the present status quo, should have asked themselves before embarking on the Abuja journey.

And again , we must realize that the  Chief Ugwu led SWC travelled  through a long route of litigation, which ended with Supreme Court affirmation. Therefore calling for the sack of Ugwu led SWC is an affront on our Judiciary and legal jurisprudence.

Indeed,  those who love Imo PDP should sheath their swords and sit down in a round table for a jaw-jaw, than  war-war situation.

It is very clear that the 2023 Imo Governorship race is the under current fueling the dissolution of Ugwu SWC call.

I had earlier stated that the APC does not wish Imo PDP well. So, may God forgive whomsoever the Uzodinma administration will use to keep Imo PDP busy in its own House, while APC shares the Elephant outside.

A Local Government Party Chairman whose tenure is approaching should not destroy the party that has given him position and shelter in the last three years.

It is difficult to convince even the fool that a man who put his house on fire just to chase out a snake that entered his house is in the right direction.

What is happening in Imo PDP today is painful and worrying those that have continued to work hard for the survival of the party.

It is unbelievable that some Imo PDP members, who had won one position or the other under the party’s platform could hearken their hearts to pull the party down just because they lost party primaries.

Some of these people had been members of House of Assembly, House of Representatives, and Senate for years before the recent primaries.

Did they not defeat fellow Aspirants before they emerged candidates and campaigned with the party to win their previous seats? Is this how to pay PDP and members back?

Politicians must ever remember that there are times to lose, and times to win. You must not pull down the House just because you lost. Tomorrow is another day and only God gives power.

If Imo PDP is contesting the 2023 Imo Governorship election, then, the house must be standing till that day. Imo PDP will not cease to exist because of the Imo Governorship election that is even next year.

The party must not lose touch of the House of Assembly, Federal House and Senate and Presidential elections that will challenge the party next few months, before thinking of the Governorship diadem.

It is how fortified Imo PDP is after the four elections that it can speak together as a force for the Imo Governorship Seat.

Interested Aspirants for the Governorship Seat are free to continue the strategies and putting up structures, but should avoid destroying each other, and dissipating energies before the time proper.

However, Imo PDP can never cease to exist. Imo PDP has remained the mother of all other parties in the State and must continue seeking for new members every day.

Imo PDP is like a Catholic Church. As old members leave, new ones join. However, the party must endeavour not to lose its members. But those who cannot conduct themselves with the rules of the party are free to leave, than to contaminate the rest.

The task before Ugwu led SWC now is to bring everybody together, but those spreading virus must be dispensed with for the good of the party.