Another Cabinet Reshuffle: Looms In Imo, As Governor Insists On Sackiing More Commissioners


By Okey Alozie

Uncertainly has continued to trail the political hemisphere in Imo State Government.

Our roving reporter gathered that aftermath of the recent cabinet shake up last week another one is coming. And this time more Commissioners will be dropped.

The Governor as we gathered want only those he can trust to remain in office.

The opinion polls did not favour most of the Commissioners and the Governor of Imo Senator Hope Uzodinma has been advised to drop all the Commissioners who are performing below expectations especially those who were alleged to be working with the opposition group.

Apart from playing double dealings   some old Commissioners according to are not doing well again especially the female ones.

The public now want Uzodinma to inject fresh blood into the system by removing those female Commissioners who have stayed more than one year in office without adding value to the system.

Apart from the poor, performance of the female commissioners. There are male Commissioners who are not result oriented as we gathered.

Information revealed that some of the commissioners are into extortion and embezzlement of funds.

Report has it that good number of them hijack impress money of the Ministry and convert the impress fund to their own personal use. Sometimes they pick quarrel with their perm sec because of the sharing of the impress money.

The concerned Imo citizens who want governor Hope Uzodinma to continue in office after 4 years have asked him to do away with these government appointees who are bringing bad image to the State.

Against this backdrop, the governor is likely to sack more Commissioners from his cabinet.

It would be recalled that based on popular demand and constructive critism, some Commissioners were sacked but now it is not yet Uhuru for those that narrowly escaped the sack.

Based on the public opinion polls, 3 more Commissioners are likely to go before the end of December 2022.

Right now, the likely to go Commissioners are now tensed up. The Governor’s slage hammer as we gathered may fall on them any moment from now.