Naples Merchandise Madness: Osimhen’s Shirt Sold Out In Record Time


The Italian city of Naples is experiencing a merchandising frenzy following the triumph of Napoli in Serie A, with fans clamouring to obtain a piece of the celebratory memorabilia.

The official celebratory T-shirt, as well as the unofficial yet highly popular “Face Game” shirts featuring the likenesses of Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen have sold out in record time, according to Il Napolista.

More supporters still want Osimhen’s jerseys and materials, including his fave masks, but they are reportedly no longer available even on the renowned e-commerce site Amazon.

Even those seeking to purchase these coveted items on Amazon will wait until the end of May or, in some cases, June for delivery.

The overwhelming demand for Napoli merchandise has led to a rush on official retailers, rapidly depleting stock. The celebratory T-shirt, symbolizing the team’s remarkable achievement, has become a coveted item among supporters, leading to its swift sell-out.

Meanwhile, the “Face Game” shirts, featuring the prominent faces of star players Osimhen, Kvara, and Di Lorenzo, have captivated fans, driving them to secure these limited-edition garments.

Beyond the official channels, street vendors and stalls have also experienced unprecedented success.

These bustling markets across Naples and its surrounding areas have witnessed a surge in sales, with an array of items being snapped up by passionate supporters.

From Osimhen masks to the iconic hat worn by Kvara during the Scudetto celebrations, fans have been eagerly acquiring a diverse range of Napoli-themed products.

Vuvuzelas, flags, and even smoke bombs have become hot commodities, reflecting the enthusiastic and vibrant spirit of Napoli’s devoted fan base.

It would be recalled that amid Napoli’s historic title triumph, a magnificent mural has been displayed in Castel Volturno in honour of top goalscorer Victor Osimhen.