POPULAR SIDE is wondering if the bed spread and inner rooms of the Akano’s, (Prince Macdonald and Chinwe Akano) will not be blue colour? Because the Akanos’ reflect Blue colour.  The family of the Special Adviser to Owelle Rochas Okorocha on Project Monitoring Macdonald Akano is in love with Blue colour.   Check out the corporate Office in World Bank/ House of Assembly road, near Dream land, it is blue – coloured.

Other projects they are handling for the State is also blue – coloured.  Like the old Parliamentary Quarters, now Concord Hotel Extension, everything about the renovated structures is blue from roofing to all ground accessories.

The private projects of the Akano’s are Blue – coloured also.  A building suspected to be a hotel onOnitsha Roadbelonging to the Akano’s also has the Blue Trademark.  POPULAR SIDE wants to know the relationship the Akano’s have with Blue colour? Do they have any attachment with the Blues? Maybe they are either in love with Chelsea FC ofEnglandor die hard lovers of the club.