When the Imo Sports Council launched its “Digital Sports weekend” last week Friday, the aims and objectives were to discover the talents abound in most of the Local Government Areas especially for the forth coming National Sports Festival billed forLagosby November this year.

Speaking with “Imo Trumpeta” after the event, the Head coach of  ‘Heartland Flickers’, Mr. Jude Amanze (Arab) gave his full confidence on the programme that is being engineered by the elegant acting Director of Sports Mrs. Chizotam Aretola.

He expressed his believe that the Imo Hockey team’s future has been given a mighty boost as the programme scheduled will enable the coaches at the capital as well as in the local areas to fish the hidden talents that will not just participate at the National Sports Festival but also replace the ageing players and help to continue the dominance of Heartland flickers both in Nigeria and Africa.

Arab also revealed that, according to the approval of the sports council, he will be touring the zonal headquarters of the state to continue the exercise, starting with Ngokpala this week to help the players and coaches improve on their game, as well as inviting some other talents that didn’t get the chance last time.

“on the digital weekend Sports,” Amanze commended the efforts of the new players who were picked from various Local government Areas to play against the Imo team as the flickers were only able to win them by 1 – 0, indicating that if given time they can go places.

18 players were officially penciled down for further camping and training programmes as will be released by the coaching crew for the festival.

Finally, he thanked Aretola for having the vision to engineer the programme.