The Other Man (Tom)




The other “man” your name sounds as dry as “the other woman”. Dwelling on you is one big task for me. The reason is because your deeds are evil. What even led me to talk about you are the several calls and text messages from fans and other readers who read the story of “the other woman”. They implored me to talk about you because your deeds like those of the other woman are tearing most homes apart.
“This other man” should never forget that God in Heaven created you in his very own image. What that means is that you are expected by your maker to be a good ambassador of God here on earth. Out of love, he gave you power to rule your world. He made you the number one of all his creatures. You are to direct the affairs of men exactly in the same way that God does. You are supposed to be God’s representative on earth which means you must know the heart-beat of your father at all times. With the havoc you are causing however, are you really a good ambassador of Christ?
May I draw your mind to the activities of Adam in his marriage to Eve while it lasted. When Adam woke up from his divinely-induced deep slumber, he looked round and saw a pretty woman and said “this is indeed the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh”, she shall be called “woman”. The Holy Book recorded that after a while Adam knew his wife Eve and there was no other record that he had any other woman until he died. What that simply means is that Adam was faithful to his wife Eve until his death. He was equally a husband of one Woman. That was a right precedence from Adam. He lived that way because that was how God wanted it.
The first Adam came to the stage of life, in the scene of marriage, he acted out what true marriage represents. He gave man the key to a successful marriage which is faithfulness. The second generation Adam came on stage and started a different drama which is unfaithfulness to the marriage vows. Adam looked at Eve and said “she is good” and maintained that statement till death. But the second generation of Adam came and have proclaimed the same feelings and words of love to several women that are not their wives. What a show of shame!
However, nature made it that men are supposedly the stronger sex. As Madam Funke Egbemode of The Sun Newspapers has outlined, God gave men three legs instead of the two which he gave to women. The three legs by right should make them stand stronger. But alas! The third leg in-between their two legs now has become the source of their weakness. The third leg, though the shortest of the three, is mighty, powerful, and deceptive. Often times, it has led them to obscure places and has left their paths littered with shame and loneliness. This same third leg has led them to jump out through the window of their trespass and some have ran out in mortal fear for their lives completely naked. What a show of shame to a man who supposedly have all it takes to rule the earth.
Who then is the other man? He is that man in another woman’s fife whose presence is causing problems in the home. When the other man appears in the woman’s fife. He tells her that she is the most beautiful experience of his fife. He tells her that her price is far above that of his biological mother. Often times the other man prefers the other woman who is married. The reason is that the married ones are decent, mature and as such can keep secrets.
It is nothing but stupidity that will make a full-fledged male Adult desire another man’s wife. When the other man ventures into the life of another Woman, he pretends to be the best. He tells her how much he loves her and how ready he is to do anything for her including building her a castle in heaven. The woman stupidly will jump to those promises, believing them with all her heart to the detriment of her marital vows. The man can easily convince her when his pocket is fatter than that of her husband.
The meeting with the other man is not just a mere contact. When he enters a woman’s home he comes in with so much troubles. His presence destabilizes the peace which her husband and children enjoy. It is even more harmful when the other man is an ex-boy friend because when the fire of emotion which they have shared begins to burn it will be difficult to quench more especially when the hand that bears the fire is a man of means. Why is he the other man? It is because the woman he is dating already has a man in her life to whom she is legally married to. Now, if he is that good, why did he become an “ex-so so and so” in your life?
Some of the havocs the other man breeds in a home include the fact that he shifts the attention of the woman away from her real man. As I earlier said, men by nature are more mature than women when it comes to reasoning. A little gesture can throw a woman off balance and by the time you know it she begins to drift away from her marital responsibilities. Those that have other men in their lives, look down on their husbands. They cajole and insult their husbands at the slightest provocations. Some in the bid to give the other man attention have lost touch with their children. They hardly have time to stay at home to take care of the home fronts to the extent that some have lost their children as a result of their reckless living. If a mother keeps herself out of reach because of the other man and her child takes ill at home, who takes care of the baby? And if the baby dies in the process, who is to blame? What manner of mother are you? And what manner of man are you who is behind all these?
In most cases the other man has a family somewhere. It could be Lagos, Abuja or in a foreign country. He comes into town and tells you that he loves you more than his wife and loves your children more than his own and you believe the lies. He is absolutely free whenever he is around because his family is away. He visits you even more regularly because his family is far away and so has nobody to call him to order. And you believe that he indeed has time for you and your children. Why do you believe all his lies? He gets you cheap with several gifts of gold, wears and cash and because of all these vanities you throw your pride and dignity to the trash pan.
When he comes visiting, he comes with hands filled with ice cream, chocolate, fast food delicacies, and you have the feeling that you are on top of the world. The randy lover boy can be something else. He is the first to give you a call in the morning to find out how you slept last night. He is also the last to call you and tell you good night. He sends his mechanic to fix your car when it is down and equally sends his messenger to drop some money for you at will. And when you see all these, you go gaga. And to you there couldn’t have been a better enjoyment than what you are in.
In view of this I call you to wake up from your slumber because one day, your Randy lover boy/man may have need to see his family and may not return back, not even you in your majesty is enough reason to make him come back. Then you will be left in the cold soaked in regret. By the time you look back, your place in your husband’s heart has become a story because your “place” another has taken.
And to the other man, for how long will you continue in your deceit? You know that you have a family or someone else. Why deceive another? The power of your deceit could be in your wealth. One day the wealth may be no more or better still the husband of the woman may enjoy some blessings from God that will lead him to the path of riches. You many be surprised that when you look back in you poor status, you can be sure that your mistress will not be there because what attraction she had is no more. She would have vanished back to her husband’s arm if she is lucky to have the space still reserved for her. And if she is so unlucky, can you imagine what injury you have done to her?
You can see that everything in life as the Holy Book says, is vanity upon vanity.