No Constituency Offices for lawmakers


There is a sharp departure from the past action of lawmakers representing the various constituencies and senatorial districts in the State.  In the past, Honourable members of the House of Assembly, House of Reps members and Senators use to operate a constituency office, where they handle matters affecting their constituents.  A year after the new dispensation, only few lawmakers have considered it necessary to pay back the grassroots for their votes.

In Imo state House of Assembly, only few like Honourables Eudora Igwe, Dan Ikpeazu have been able to open constituency offices to brief their people the journey so far.  Others are still warming up.  POPULAR SIDE learnt that things are not too rosy for most of the House members in the State due to the “Rescue Mission” posture of the State Governor which has reduced their monthly package and purse.  Most of the lawmakers are running away from sundry constituency issues hence their inability to establish a functional constituency office.  POPULAR SIDE hopes that the lawmakers would consider it necessary to open constituency offices and save their constituents the stress of coming to Owerri regularly for consultations.